Hanwha Techwin Unveils New Line of Smart, 4K Ultra High Definition All-in- One DVR Security Systems

The 4K Super HD Video Security Systems features 3840p Resolution and Google Assistant Compatibility

Hanwha Techwin America (formerly Samsung Techwin America), a leader in consumer video monitoring and home surveillance products, is unveiling their newest 4K Ultra HD Video Security Systems. The 4K Ultra HD Video Security Systems will be available in 8-Channel and 16-Channel sets for complete visual coverage indoors and outdoors with video resolution four times clearer than 1080p. Both products are the perfect security solutions for homes of any size.

The 4K Ultra HD Video Security Systems are ideal for users looking for a complete home security solution – with a simple set up – straight out of the box. The cameras feature 3840p resolution, 104-degree Wide-Angle views, Motion Zone Selection and Event Detection, Privacy Zone and Digital Noise Reduction that result in clearer video images. The new systems will also feature Google Assistant and Chromecast compatibility allowing consumers to easily access video through simple voice commands.

The cameras are weather resistant – making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. With an IP-66 rating, they endure frigid winters and scorching summers. Featuring True Day & Night with IR Cut Filter, the cameras keep colors accurate during the day time and illuminate the night, allowing users to see up to 82 ft in total darkness and up to 130 ft under ambient lighting. Privacy zone settings also allow you to exclude up to four areas that are not significant to your security or safety and masks them from the camera’s view.

The all-in-one security systems provide 4K, 3840p recording for smooth playback and clear imaging, while high-quality resolution enables better forensic inspection of a person’s face orlicense plate. With Motion Zone Selection and Event Detection, users can select desired areas to detect motion and avoid false alarms that may trigger the system. Users also receive alerts when there is motion, tampering or video loss detected.

The 4K Ultra HD Video Security Systems allow up to 8-Channel or 16-Channel recordings on the DVR, and 2-Channel uploads to the optional Wisenet Life Cloud service. Each camera can be set to record continuously or customized to record based on motion activation or scheduled times. Finding and reviewing recordings is simple with the option to search by time or by event type.

Pricing and date of availability for the 8-Channel and 16-Channel 4K Ultra HD Video Security Systems will be announced soon.

Wisenet Life App
Hanwha Techwin has created a new app that allows you to view recordings from your all-in-one security system. The app includes the latest features such as cloud storage, Motion Zone notification alerts, SimpliSearch and Timelapse. The app will be available for download on iOS and Android devices through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in May.

Hanwha Techwin Introduces New Eco-Friendly Baby Monitor with Remote Control Pan and Tilt Mobility

Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin) debuted today the Wisenet BabyView Eco PT wireless video baby monitor – the latest in its line of consumer video monitoring and home surveillance products. The BabyView Eco PT includes an energy efficient mode for power conservation and has a camera that allows users to pan up to 295° and tilt up to 110° for a full range of visibility in any room of the home where children are present.

“Hanwha Techwin is committed to providing home security products that effortlessly enable people to keep an eye on their homes and children,” said Richard Simone, Hanwha Techwin America VP of Sales and Marketing. “The BabyView Eco PT is the newest addition to our line of video baby monitors, helping people keep their babies even safer with low-power consumption and a full range of vision control.”

Parents can now keep a closer eye on their children thanks to the remote-control pan and tilt function of the new BabyView Eco PT camera. Especially useful for babies who have begun to crawl or inquisitive toddlers who love to explore, the BabyView Eco PT allows parents to maneuver the camera vertically and horizontally to get a better view of the surrounding area.

The BabyView Eco PT lets parents create a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home for their children with its energy-saving Eco mode. While the device does come with VOX mode as well, the Eco mode gives users another way to further conserve power. When in Eco mode, the monitor only wakes up when the camera detects sound, extending the monitor’s battery life. Each user can set their own sound sensitivity level. In addition, the monitor and camera connect by only using radio frequency signals every two seconds, ensuring lower radiation in the baby’s room.

The color 4.3″ LCD touchscreen monitor display provides clear, real-time video with at least six hours of battery life. The BabyView Eco PT also has a long-range radio frequency of 900 feet within line of sight, giving parents the freedom to do what they need to around the house without losing contact with their baby. It supports up to four cameras, and features multiple viewing modes: single, sequence, and multi-camera view.

The BabyView Eco PT is equipped with a room temperature sensor, allowing parents to keep an eye on the temperature of the baby’s room through the monitor. In addition, the camera has a built-in microphone and high-quality speaker for Two-Way Talk.

The device comes pre-programmed with four lullabies and three types of white noise to soothe the baby and help them fall asleep. Additionally, it’s equipped with night vision capabilities up to 16 feet to produce clear images in low-light or dark conditions, using built-in non-visible infrared LED lights.

Pricing and availability of the new BabyView Eco PT will be announced soon.

BabyView Eco PT Specifications

  • 4.3” LCD touchscreen monitor display
  • Remote Control Pan 295° and Tilt 110°
  • VGA Resolution 640×480
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Built-in Microphone/Speaker for Two-Way Talk
  • 4 Pre-Programmed Lullabies and 3 White Noise Options
  • Secure Wireless Signal
  • Eco-Mode for low power consumption and reduced RF radiation
  • Clear Night Vision up to 16ft
  • Transmission range of up to 900ft

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