Change the way your devices are cleaned. 

The more I use my devices the dirtier they get. Unfortunately, that’s not something I can easily avoid. I’m constantly using my phone and tablet throughout the day so they will accumulate dust, dirt, and, of course, fingerprints. I try to do a deep cleaning of my mobile devices at least once a week, but I’d rather do it more often than not. The problem I have is the number of resources it takes to properly clean my phone. First, I use a spray cleaner like Whoosh and then I will use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface of the device. Finally, I’ll use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe off any residue left by the cleaner. It’s a tedious process, but that’s what typically has to be done in order to make sure the device gets cleaned thoroughly. I recently became acquainted with a cleaning product that not only saves time but also resources. Hans Swipe is the first dual-sided, all-in-one, on-the-go cleaner for mobile devices — and it works.

HANS Swipe Mobile Device Cleaner REVIEW 


HANS Swipe is a compact cleaning agent for mobile device users. It has two sides — one infused with an Antimicrobial cleaning solution and the other is the antibacterial polishing side, which consists of a bar wrapped with a microfiber cloth. The Swipe is eco-friendly and creates zero waste. Both sides are soft and safe for all screen types including screen protectors and cases. The polishing cloth is removable and washable while the cleaning side is refillable. 


HANS Swipe comes in a very nondescript package. It’s a plastic, one-time use bag that has the HANS branding stamped on the front. The back has some basic instructions on how to use the HANS Swipe. I was actually a little surprised to see this type of packaging used since part of the reasoning behind HANS Swipe is to reduce environmental waste. I think that the instructions for use could be printed on the container and the plastic bag could be done away with altogether. 

HANS Swipe Mobile Device Cleaner REVIEW

As one would expect, using HANS swipe is pretty easy. One end has the cleaning solution infused into it and the other is a microfiber polishing cloth. So, you simply remove the cap from one end, use it and then do the same thing with the other side. The instructions tell you to swipe back and forth and I did that a few times with my iPhone, which is probably the messiest surface I own. I felt like the HANS Swipe did a good job of cleaning and drying surfaces are claimed. The caps fit tightly and it’s a little hard to get them on and off of the container so if there was one improvement I would suggest it’s to update the container and caps a bit so that it’s easier to remove the lids. 

HANS claims that the cleaning solution will last for ‘hundreds of cleans’, but there is no definitive number indicated. So, it wasn’t possible for me to test that claim. I did use it quite a bit — probably more than 20 times — since receiving it and the cleaning solution seems to still be plentiful. I also didn’t have the opportunity to refill the HANS Swipe so I can’t comment on the ease of use for that process. I will say that HANS includes several How-To videos on their website to help users learn about the product and how to properly use it. 

HANS Swipe Mobile Device Cleaner REVIEW

iPhone XS Before Cleaning

HANS Swipe Mobile Device Cleaner REVIEW

iPhone XS After HANS Swipe Cleaning


The more I use HANS Swipe, the more I like it. I have to admit that at first, I had my doubts about it. But now that I’ve used it quite a bit, I really want to have multiple HANS Swipes so that I don’t have to search for it when I need it. I really like that HANS Swipe has a refillable option. I also really like that it’s good for the environment. This product has replaced my go-to product for screen cleaning — Well-Kept Screen Cleaning Towelettes. I think that the HANS Swipe is competitive in pricing to other screen cleaners and that’s its a smarter choice for someone on the go. 

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