Indoor Bulbs, Flood Lights and Smart Plugs Multi-Packs Enable Easy Upgrade to Control and Automation – with Powerful, All-in-One Mobile App (No Hub Required) or via Smart Assistants, or Both

Hampton Products, a leading innovator in security products, announced the launch of new Wi-Fi® connected LED lighting and single-outlet smart plugs to be sold exclusively through Best Buy under the new Peace By Hampton® brand. Peace By Hampton products allow users to easily add smart devices that are controlled by app, voice assistants, or both, without the need to purchase hubs, bridges or other networking hardware. With secure hosting on U.S. cloud servers, Peace By Hampton smart lights and plugs deliver easy-to-program, innovative features at attractive price points, allowing Best Buy customers to create more connected homes with ease. 

New Peace By Hampton smart LED bulbs enable users to highly customize their home lighting – create scenes, adjust light levels and colors – and control it all through the free Peace By Hampton home security app for iOS and Android, as well as through Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri voice commands. New Peace By Hampton smart plugs enable users to easily add non-connected electrical devices into their smart home environment. Both products are available for purchase now on  

Used together, with the Peace by Hampton app, the lights and electrical plugs can be programmed to activate by geofence (based on user’s location) time of day, sunrise/sunset, weather conditions, and actions by other Peace By Hampton IoT devices. App users can develop smart home scenes where lighting is automatically adjusted for tasks or moods, and create programmed routines where devices work in conjunction with each other based on time, weather or location events – such as automatically activating lights when arriving or leaving the house, or powering up a smart plug at sunrise or at a certain outdoor temperature. All Peace By Hampton smart products also work with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant™, Siri® and Apple® Widget, allowing users to easily control their devices by voice command. 

“Hampton Products’ LED smart bulbs and smart wall plugs provide an easy and affordable way to take first steps into building out a connected home, or enhancing a home that already has a smart lock or thermostat controlled by Siri, Alexa or Google Home smart assistants,” said Kim Kelley, president and CEO, Hampton Products. “The ability to quickly add a top tier lighting system and automation with minimal investment – by just replacing a bulb or adding a smart plug to an outlet – is a smart way to begin building out a more connected living space.”  

“Our Peace by Hampton line was developed to, quite literally, give homeowners the peace of mind that they can easily check and securely control common lighting, power and other home security utilities from their beds or from anywhere in the world,” continued Kelley. “We’re excited to introduce this new smart home brand exclusively to Best Buy customers and look forward to working with Best Buy to roll out a comprehensive line of connected products.” 

Peace By Hampton Smart LED Bulbs
Debuting are new smart lighting options that include smart LED bulbs in popular A19 (traditional light bulb size) and BR30 sizes (indoor floodlights, for recessed lighting fixtures). Connecting to home Wi-Fi with no additional hub required, users can group and control lighting, create scenes, and dim or brighten lights from anywhere. Using the Peace By Hampton app, users can seamlessly adjust the white light color temperature settings for each bulb anywhere up to 5000K from 2700K. These bulbs can also be changed to the color-changing, RGB mode which offers up to 16 million color choices. Designed for high performance at attractive prices, the per-bulb cost is $15.00 per A19 lamp and $16.25 per BR30 lamp. 

Peace By Hampton Single Outlet Smart Wall Plug
Whether creating schedules and automating for convenience, to set a mood, or for more efficient energy usage, the versatile 15-amp Single Outlet Smart Wall Plug allows scheduling with on/off timing, a countdown timer feature, and basic remote on/off abilities. Perfect for adding older, non-smart devices to a connected home environment, the plugs feature a compact design with a small footprint and allow users to control devices with voice commands or through the Peace By Hampton app on the phone, tablet, or watch. Packaged in a two-unit multi-pack for $18.99, or about $9.50 per plug, Peace By Hampton Smart Wall Plugs feature a full two-year warranty. 

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