HAME 20000 mAh Power Bank is a life saver at parties.

HAME 20000 mAh Power Bank ReviewRecently while at a Super Bowl party, I noticed my phone was getting low on power. As I looked around, I saw that everybody else had that same dilemma. I also saw that most of the power outlets were blocked by bodies or food. I really needed to send messages to my friends at other parties and didn’t have enough power to do it. With no power outlets available, I had a conundrum.

Hame’s Power Bank came to my rescue. As it turned out, I severely underestimated my friends and family being in the same predicament that I was in. As soon a I pulled out this life saving white brick, everybody’s eyes lit up. With five 2.1 amp USB slots and 20,000 mAh of power, it was able to charge 5 phones at once. With 5 people charging their phones, the Power Bank handled it like it was nothing. I didn’t notice any over heating from the battery or the charging cords that were connected. Out of the 5 phones, 3 were iPhones. The iPhone did manage to charge a lot faster than their Android counterparts.

HAME 20000 mAh Power Bank ReviewThe four LED lights that indicate the charge level work perfectly as we all watched the lights go dark one by one. After about an hour, the battery was fully drained, but four out of five phones were fully charged and the fifth was at 90 percent. Once home, I had to charge it up for its life saving awesomeness.

Hame thoughtfully solved the charging issue for me. The Power Bank is 20,000 mAhs, so it will take a while to charge fully. This is why Hame included two micro USB inputs to carry the load. At around the five hour mark, I checked the indicator LEDs and to my surprise, it was fully charged and ready to go. The Power Bank is a little hefty on weight, but that won’t slow me down from including this on every single outing that I go to.

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