Vitamins, Coaching and Tracking for the entire duration of your pregnancy.

About a month ago, I found I out I was pregnant with my first child. It was both an exciting and confusing time for me. I knew there were certain things I should do for myself and my baby, but I didn’t know exactly what that was. I’d always heard that you should start prenatal vitamins as soon as possible. The first time I went to the pharmacy I bought the set of vitamins that looked like the most affordable and complete ones that were offered. After about a week when I called my doctor’s office, I learned that I should also be taking DHA, too. So, I made another trip to the pharmacy. It can be a confusing time for a new mother and we need all the help we can get. So, when I heard about the Gyft Baby Pregnancy Companion Kit, I was thrilled to be able to start using it.

Gyft Baby Pregnancy Companion Kit Introduction

The kit includes prenatal vitamins for the entire duration of your pregnancy, a tracking pendant, and a free mobile app that provides lots of information for you while you navigate the next 10 months.

  • Better Vitamins: Based on the review of 350 clinical studies, our prenatal vitamins include thoughtful ingredients optimized to each trimester of pregnancy, making it the best possible OTC prenatal vitamin you can buy.
  • Better App: Featuring Doula, nutrition and fitness guidance with voice-activated food, hydration, and activity logging, our app goes beyond traditional “pregnancy tracking” delivering expert advice to keep mom and baby healthy and informed.
  • Better Tracking: Our exclusive Digital Pendant tracks all of your activity as it syncs with the app; simply give it a little tap to see your nutrition, activity and hydration progress through the day.
  • Better Memories: Everything works together to capture exact moments during your pregnancy which are saved in a social media feed format, with the ability to share them directly through the app with friends and family.

Gyft Baby Pregnancy Companion Kit Introduction

While the multivitamins have multiple pills, I’m excited about the science behind it and the fact that they are tailored for what a woman needs during every stage of her pregnancy. I’m eager to see how accurate the technology aspect are according to reports I get from my doctor and other measurement tools. If you are expecting or hoping to expect soon, I would recommend doing research on what options are out there for vitamins and other types of pregnancy systems out there before you just go buy what’s on the shelf at your local pharmacy. It will be safe, but it may not be the best option available.

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