GV Mobile is an amazing new app that uses cool features of Google Voice. Even though Google Voice is the power behind this new app, we are here to discuss more about how this app works rather than how Google Voice works. (For more information about Google Voice click here, http://www.google.com/voice.)

First off, to install this app you can find it in the app store by searching for GV Mobile. Once you are done installing the app you’re going to want to sign in with your Google Voice user name and password.

What I have found is with Google Voice you can’t really call back using the number Google gave you without being at a computer until now. GV Mobile gives you a quick and easy way to not only check your voicemail from Google, but it also allows you to make calls using your Google voice phone number. This is not VOIP because when you go to make a call it doesn’t call out, it rather sends a message to Google Voice. This then calls your phone and links your call to the number you were wanting to dial. Even though you are not calling from your phone you are still using your phone service. This is do to the fact that Google is calling your number then linking your real cell, work, or home number to the number you are wanting to dial with your Google Voice number. [nggallery id=7]

This app has many more uses than just hiding your phone number. It also has the ability to link all the phones number you many have to one number. So, if someone doesn’t know whether to call my work, home, or cell this saves them some time. They can call me using one number without wasting time calling all of my other numbers.

You may be asking what does this app do that Google Voice can’t do? It gives you Google Voice without being at the computer. You can make calls by clicking on the keypad and simply select the number you wish to dial from your own phone book, or just enter the number in the keypad. You can replay to text messages that are sent to your Google voice number using GV Mobile so the person on the receiving end doesn’t see your real number. You can check the history of the calls made from Google Voice, not only the ones you have made from the app but ones made from your computer too. If you have more than one phone number you want to link to Google Voice you can even add the phone number from the app without having to sign into Google Voice from a computer.

I have been playing around with this app all day and there has not been any error messages or crashing. It seems to be very well built and well worth the $2.99. GV Mobile does what it says and it does it very well. I’m very impressed with it and think using GV Mobile and Google Voice together blows all the other voice mail number boxes out of the water. Here is the website address to the maker of GV Mobile http://www.seankovacs.com/index.php/gv-mobile/ You can find a download link to the app there as well.

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