App provides head-up display for speedometer.

I am a cheapskate, so I never have a new vehicle. Used cars usually have some minor problems. One of the main ones is the speedometer malfunctioning. You wouldn’t think that that’s a big deal. Ask a police officer when they pull you over for speeding how important they are.

GUI Speedometer iOS App Review 2

GUI Speed is a great app to fix that. The graphics are pretty basic and unobtrusive. It resembles what most people are used to , with both an analog and digital display all I the same screen. The GUI Speed app reads all the way to 220mph. I would love to say that I tested it at that speed. Not so much. I did hit 85mph and the actual performance versus my standard speedometer was around the same within a 1mph range. I did notice that once I came to a stop at a light or sign that the app would be a little sluggish, but would right itself within a second or so. The other handy feature is the music player on the front screen. Considering that this app will be left open while your driving, switching apps to play music can be annoying and dangerous. The built in music player plays all of the playlist and albums that you would normally listen to. The music player only contains the normal basic buttons that you need with out taking away from the real resin to use the app.

GUI Speedometer iOS App Review 3

What really made this app neat for me was the Heads up Display mode. I’ve always wanted a fancy spy car with all the cool gadgets and read outs on the windshield. With GUI Speed, I got just that. Once you hit the toggle for HUD your screen changes and is a mirror image. When in this mode you lose the analog display and music player in place of a large digital readout. The tiny little weather readout is handy, especially since my car doesn’t have one. I had a little problem getting the phone in just the right spot to have the display in a place on my windshield that wasn’t distracting or directly in my field of view. Most cars have a slight curve or in long on the dash that will make the display flip upside down. I found this out going down the highway, but toggling the screen orientation lock on my IPhone solved that simply. With just a few minutes to get acclimated with the app I was driving down the road pretending I was James Bond.

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