Awesome rugged, protective case for iPhone

Once upon a time, I dropped my phone. In most cases, this wouldn’t have caused many problems but in mine, the phone was damaged beyond repair. This was in 2007 when the original iPhone had been released. Cases for the iPhone were not developed yet and the phone slipped from my grip and fell around 4 feet to its doom. The power button was permanently depressed and the phone was repeatedly restarting. This event happened well before AppleCare+ was introduced and I had no recourse for my damaged phone. I ended up selling it on eBay for parts and using a flip phone for a couple of years until I could get an iPhone again. The moral of the story is to keep your phone protected with a case. Today, there is no shortage of them for every phone style and model. Ever since my mishap, I have used a case so that I don’t have to worry about that accidental slip. I recently started using a very protective but minimalist case from Silk nicknamed “Guardzilla”.

GUARDZILLA Silk Armor Case for iPhone 7 REVIEW


Guardzilla is better known by its given name — Silk Armor for iPhone (available for iPhone 7/8, 7/8 Plus, and X). The case is tough and beefy but very slim in profile. It contains specialized air pockets in the corners to shield your phone from impact (like airbags for your phone) and has an inlaid crystalized pattern on the back for a futuristic but classy look. The sides are a soft-touch rubber grip that helps provide a solid grip on your phone. Finally, Guardzilla comes with two tempered glass screen protectors and an installation kit.

User Experience

The case comes in a very stylish, well-branded box. It’s almost a case for the case. When you open it up, you will see an information sheet on the inside cover and the case resting in its own pocket. The glass screen protectors are nestled inside the case (for safekeeping). Behind the case, you will find the screen protector installation kit. It contains a microfiber cloth, two alcohol wipes, and a dust lifter. Overall, I was very impressed with the entire case kit. I felt like it was an ‘experience’ opening the box and getting started with the Silk Armor.

GUARDZILLA Silk Armor Case for iPhone 7 REVIEW

The case, while protective, is not bulky. It feels rigid and very solid. Many cases are more pliable and almost feel like they could slip off the phone at any time. Guardzilla does not. That said, it’s not hard to install or remove the case on from the phone. I did do a couple of small drop tests with the case and found that my phone stayed protected and the case looked virtually unharmed. I love that two screen protectors are included with the case. It completes the protective package for your phone. Installing the screen protector can be tricky, but it’s really all in how you line up the cutouts on the glass with the front face of your phone. I did notice a few air bubbles after I installed the phone. I tried pushing them out but was not successful. After the screen protector had time to settle, the bubbles disappeared themselves.

GUARDZILLA Silk Armor Case for iPhone 7 REVIEW


Silk has made a very durable, protective case for the newer, more modern iPhone models. It comes in three different colors — clear, smoke, and red. I really like how well this case works and how it’s not impossible to take your phone out if you want to swap cases. Even though my phone doesn’t offer it, the case is supposed to be compatible with wireless charging, which is another big perk. At a price of around $20, you really can’t beat this rugged, protective case for iPhone from Silk.

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