A smart case with a great grip.

Sometimes you just need a simple case. I’m a fanatic about putting my phone in cases, but I know a lot of people who aren’t. Whatever the reason is, they just want to remain case-less. For those cases (no pun intended), I recommend simple cases like Gripzilla from Smartish. Not only does it offer armor-style protection for the iPhone, but it also has a catchy name. 

Gripzilla iPhone 11 Pro Max Case from Smartish REVIEW


The Gripzilla case is labeled as an “Armor Case” for the iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max). It has three different colors to choose from — Black Tie Affair, Minty Fine, or the Flavor of the Month style. The case is priced under $20 USD and users have the option of personalizing their case for an additional $14.99. Smartish claims the case is ‘mighty protective’ against drops and falls and a protective air pocket in the corners helps to cushion the phone inside the case even more. There is a gritty surface that makes it easy to hold the case and in addition to that grit, there is a handgrip built into the sides of the case that fit hands like a glove. 

Gripzilla iPhone 11 Pro Max Case from Smartish REVIEW


One of the first things I noticed out of the box was that the interior of the case features a rubberized surface. This isn’t mentioned in the description on Smartish’s website, but I would assume it helps to absorb kinetic energy should the phone hit a hard surface. I was a little concerned that this material would make it hard to install or remove the phone from the case, but as it turns out, the case was quite easy to use with the phone. Even though it’s a ‘tough’ case, the Gripzilla is quite pliable. 

Gripzilla iPhone 11 Pro Max Case from Smartish REVIEW

I am constantly looking for cases that are easy to handle since my biggest complaint about the iPhone is how slick it is. Gripzilla definitely fits the bill as far as grip goes — and I would hope so with that name. The grooves are made to fit a person’s hand and it’s actually quite comfortable to hold. I also really like the textured surface on the edges. They make it really hard to lose your grip on the phone. Finally, there is a noticeable lip on the cover surface that is clearly designed to protect the screen if it were to fall face down. All the cut out are precisely cut and the buttons are easy to press through the case. 

Gripzilla iPhone 11 Pro Max Case from Smartish REVIEW


I have to admit that this is one of the best minimalist cases I’ve seen in a long time. It is designed to be armor-style, but it’s such a simple design that it would work with any personal style. I think with its modest price and winning design, the Gripzilla is perfect for any style user. 

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