Slip into something a little more comfortable with the Grip2ü Boost case. Practical yet comfortable.

Despite the release of the novel iPhone 12 line, many Apple fans will either upgrade to the 2019 phones or decide to hold tight.  For that reason, it makes sense for companies to continue to produce cases for the previous generations of iPhones.  The Grip2ü Boost Case for the 2019 iPhone 11 (6.1 inches) proves this point, arriving in a sexy 4 9/16 inches wide by 7 3/8 inches tall by 3/4 inches thick hanging retail case.  Instead of a flat, unidirectional image, the company opted for a clear window display.  You will find the grey-colored Grip2ü name along the top of the cover panel and the “Boost” name along the panel’s right side.  Along the panel’s left, the company provided four emergency-cone-orange colored icons describing the Grip Design, Built-In Kickstand, Changeable Bands, Wireless Charging features of the case.  Along the bottom right of the clear display, you will find a 1-inch diameter cutout.  This allowed you to see the case and feel the plastic as well. 


Kickstand for landscape viewing
Silicone handgrip
Handhold cutout
Precision cutouts for the camera, speakers, lightning port, volume toggle
Raised side bezel for screen protection
Inexpensive Price

The orange side panels listed the Grip2ü name in white, “#PreventTheDrop” along the top, and the right side had a QR code that linked to  Scanning the QR code will allow you to access a 10% off code (WELCOME10) and join their mailing list. The white-colored rear panel listed the company name along the top and then six orange icons along the panel’s middle.  The icons detailed the same information as the cover and detailed the Drop Protection and Dual Layer Protection.  As a bonus, the company provided the information in ten other languages. The orange-colored top panel had the white-colored hanging tab, and the bottom panel provided an SKU sticker, warnings, and copyright material.  I found the external packaging to be quite appealing, informative, and well thought out. To remove the case from the outer packaging, pinch the thumb cutout along the bottom of the cover and press the top hanging tab downward. The inner tray should easily slide out of the outer slipcover.

Within the box, you will find a 1.83-ounce, 3 3/16 inches wide by 6 1/8 inches tall by 1/2 inches thick clear Grip2ü case resting within a clear plastic cutout. Evaluating the back panel of the case, you will find a cutout ~ 2 1/8 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches tall camera cutout.  I loved the use of the black rim along the inside of the camera cutout and felt that it added a needed splash of color.  Additionally, it likely served a useful purpose to improve photo resolution by decreasing light reflection upon the sensor.  Adjacent to the camera cutout, the company included a 1 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/8 inches long foldout kickstand with the Grip2ü logo.  Along the lower 2/3 of the back panel, you will find a 2 1/4 inches wide by 3 inches tall case indentation. Grip2ü Included a rubberized silicone strap that measured 3 1/2 inches tall by 1 5/16 inches wide.  The cutout easily allowed my four fingers to fit beneath the silicone grip and the grip securely held the phone against my hand. The soft/smooth material of the Grip2ü case had a nice touch-feel but lacked a solid, grippy texture to prevent drops. Thankfully, the silicone strap eliminated this issue. 

Turning to the side, top, and bottom panels, the surfaces had the same slick-feel as the back panel.  I loved the frosted glass look and that the surface was raised above the screen.  Along the right side of the case (volume toggle), you will find a 5/16 by 1/8 inches volume toggle cutout and rubberized volume up and volume down buttons. Normally I prefer the case to have stand-alone buttons instead of rubberized ones, but these proved to be quite responsive.  You will find a single 3/4 inches long by 1/8 inches wide power button on the opposite side panel.  Similar to the volume buttons, the power button had the same squishy click-feel.  Despite this one drawback, I feel that the multi-functional case design was a resounding success.  The bottom panel had dual 9/16 inches wide by 1/8 inches speaker cutouts flanking the centrally placed 9/16 inches wide by 1/4 inches thick lightning port.  Grip2ü Did a great job with the placement of the cutouts and with the sizing.  The small size of the volume toggle cutout did not limit my ability to access the toggle.  Additionally, the size of the lightning port cutout granted access to even the boxiest of charging cables.  Lastly, I could not leave out that the case did not obfuscate the ability to charge my iPhone wirelessly.

If the clear color does not interest you, you can look to their website for black and ice colors as well. I personally liked the ability to see the Apple logo through the case, the clear color, the kickstand, the added hand strap, the fully accessible lightning port, and the responsive buttons.

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