Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer takes the guess work out of grilling.

Summertime means grilling time to me. My family has always been big on grilling burgers, hot dogs, chicken, steak – you name it. We’ve grilled it. A few years ago, we purchased our first home and along with that was of course, a grill. I was fairly confident in my grilling skills for hot dogs and hamburgers, but steaks and chicken are a different story altogether. It takes a long time to acquire the skills to be able to time a steak correctly. After years of watching my dad ‘the grillmaster,’ I was worried that my grilled specialties may not measure up – especially when it came to the steaks. There are two tools I would suggest for any neophyte grill master — 1) a good set of grilling tools, and 2) a meat thermometer. One thermometer I’d like to highlight is the Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer from Oregon Scientific.

grillright3The Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is a godsend when it comes to learning grill timing. I’m currently using it to perfect my timing against our personal grill. The Grill-Right thermometer is very easy to use and has some great features. It ships with one probe which measures meat temperature. However, the Grill-Right can accommodate two probes at once. The display unit is water splash resistant and utilizes a touch screen for controls.

When you are ready to use the Grill-Right, you plug in the probe into the main unit and then insert the probe into the meat that is cooking. You can choose to leave the probe in the meat while it cooks or you can use it to check the meat periodically throughout the cooking process. Either way, the Grill-Right will show you the meat’s temperature and its percentage of doneness, which is dependent on the type of meat profile you choose. The display will change colors as the meat cooks so you are aware of how close it is to being done. When your meat is done cooking, the Grill-Right will sound an alarm which sounds similar to a travel alarm clock.

grillright2I tested the Grill-Right process on a 8-10 oz. New York Strip Steak. I decided to cook the steak from the start with the probe inserted. Typically, we prefer our steaks to be medium-well, which is not a setting on the display unit. So, I decided to set it on the ‘medium’ setting. The Grill-Right was surprisingly accurate.

One of the nicest features of the Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer is the Bluetooth feature that connects the main unit to the Grill Right app for iOS or Android. The app shows cooking data along with recipes on The Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer has a range of 150 feet, but I am a bit disappointed to say that the Bluetooth connection was lost when I walked into our house. It worked as long as there was no barrier between my phone and the main unit. We have a sliding glass door from our patio to our living room and when the glass door is closed, the connection gets lost, but when the screen door is open, the connection stays solid.

grillright4Another small issue that I had with the Grill-Right was the cable that goes from the probe to the main unit. I like to cook with the grill cover closed so that the meat receives a smokey flavor. I was concerned about closing the cable/probe in the grill with the meat because I didn’t want the grill to destroy the cable or through off false readings on the probe. I don’t think there is a way around this issue other than just using the Grill-Right to check the temperature rather than track it through the cooking process.

I can highly recommend the Grill-Right Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer to any grillmaster looking to step up their grilling game or learn good cook timing. It retails for $59.99 and can be purchased from Oregon Scientific’s website.

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