Let a Griffin Survivor Fit case protect your iPhone and give you peace of mind.

Every time that I see a naked iPhone, my stomach lurches into my chest.  How can someone spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone to rely on luck and chance?  Many of the phone owners may have added Apple Care Plus, but I still would not want to pay $29 for a new screen or $100 for other types of phone damage.  I may be a little more paranoid than most, protecting my phone inside of a Catalyst waterproof set of armor.  However, my wife has destroyed more phones in her life than I would have thought possible.  Add three children under the age of 8 to the mix, and I am surprised that any technology in my home is functional.  My wife does not like heavy/bulky cases, gaudy/flashy cases and ideally would prefer to leave her phone in the buff.  I have been able to convince her that a bumper style cases provide good protection without adding bulk/weight nor appearing ridiculous.  Thank goodness for minimalistic yet protective cases from Griffin.

Survivor Fit caseThe Griffin Survivor Fit case arrived in an attractive retail package.  The case was directly visible behind a clear plastic window, artistically framed by red/black colored cardboard.  The Fit case appeared very similar to the Survivor Strong case that I reviewed previously, sporting the same multi-layered hard-shell backing, non-slip sides, impact dispersion system and 7-foot drop rating.  The major factor that seemed to differentiate this case from the Survivor Strong case was the appearance.  This Fit case utilized a more techy color palette, with grey appearing backing and black edging.  The ribbed design provided an interesting tactile feel and initially reminded me of solar panels.  It is important to note that this is not a waterproof case nor a solar charging case, despite the appearance.

Survivor Fit case shell
After removing the case from the outer carton, the grey backing appeared to have more of an iridescent sheen.  It was at this point that I realized that the case is composed of two parts, a hard outer shell, and a softer rubberized inner layer.  The backing was clear, but when combined with the inner lining, assumed the grey coloration.  The cutouts for the camera, volume toggle, lightning port, and speakers were accurately placed for the iPhone 6/6s and 7.  This version does not mention the iPhone 8, but the website states that the same case can be used for all of the above-listed smartphones.  The speaker ports were cut wider than needed to accommodate the 3.5mm jack that was previously located along the bottom right (No longer present in iPhone 7 and newer).  The case provided a hard plastic button for the volume up/down and power buttons, which proved to be very responsive.  The internal backing of the case was composed of a soft felt like material, which decreased movement of the iPhone within the case.  The case is unmarked except for an etched “Survivor” along the bottom of the case.  Weighing in at 1.7 ounces, you will hardly notice the additional weight to your phone.

Survivor Case
The front edges of the case stick up just above the screen, protecting your screen from glancing blows.  The case will not protect from direct screen assault but will do a great job of protecting the corners/sides and back of your phone.  We did drop test my wife’s iPhone 7 (inside the case) onto our hardwood floor from a height of one foot, onto each of the corners.  The case suffered no damage, and the phone remained fully intact.  The only negative feature that we found for the case was solely based on color preference.  I have been a fan of Griffin for a while now, but now my wife is also a believer.  She preferred the appearance of the Survivor Strong case to the Survivor Fit case but feels that the case works well.  The Survivor cases will protect your iPhone 6/6s/7/8 incredibly well.  You should consider this case to protect your new iPhone.  We rate the case at 4.5/5 stars.

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