Griffin’s New Pencil Sleeve Adds Ergonomic Comfort and Functionality to Apple Pencil

Griffin Technology, creator of award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, announces the Pencil Sleeve, a perfect blend of comfort and function for the Apple Pencil. The sleek Pencil Sleeve provides ergonomic support to ease grip discomfort as well as a solution for lost Apple Pencil caps.

The triangular cross-section design, molded from high-quality, non-slip premium silicone prevents the Apple Pencil from rolling off a desk and taking a potentially expensive trip to the floor. Griffin’s new Pencil Sleeve also provides users with an all-day extended-use comfort grip. Sketching, shading, coloring, detail work stippling and other techniques are now easier and feel more intuitive with the Pencil Sleeve’s tapered grip style, which provides greater precision and creative freedom.

Griffin Announces New Pencil Sleeve NEWS

“Griffin Technology is dedicated to providing easy solutions for common, everyday problems,” said Rick Kennedy, Category Manager at Griffin. “Pencil Sleeve adds functionality with more fluid drawing support, and also eliminates the need to purchase additional replacement caps with its practical design.”

Griffin’s Pencil Sleeve features an integrated cap keeper with a unique spiral design that holds the cap securely and ensures it stays in place. Additionally, the Pencil Sleeve’s tip provides an easy and efficient way for Procreate and other drawing app users to erase their work, just as they would with a regular pencil.

The Pencil Sleeve also combines the function of the Apple Pencil with a multi-touch-compatible stylus. With the tap and drag capacitive stylus, opening menus and handling other touch-based functions becomes effortless by using the rounded end of the sleeve.

Griffin’s new Pencil Sleeve is available now for $29.99 at Best Buy stores.

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