Enough power to charge even for me 18,200 to be exact

A few days ago Robyn wrote about the Griffin 9000 mAh Reserve Power Bank. In that review, she mentioned how the 9000 mAh version is the medium version of that battery series. Today I’m here to talk about its big brother — the 18,200 mAh Reserve Power Bank. This is the large power bank in the Reserve battery series and it’s perfect for all types of mobile devices — and charging multiple ones simultaneously.

The two power banks have a lot of similarities, but there are some big differences, too. Just like the 9000 mAh version, the 18,200 mAh power bank delivers a maximum power rate of 12 watts (5 volts at 2.4 amps). This is amazing because it allows you to charge the larger tablets like the iPad Pro 12-inch. Now, as I mentioned above, you can charge two devices simultaneously because there are two standard USB ports for charging. One port is the higher amperage, while the second USB port delivers 5 watts of power (5 volts at 1 amp). The lesser power delivery is still wonderful for modern smartphones.

GRIFFIN 18200 mAh Reserve Power Bank REVIEW

Griffin has a sample chart on the product page for the 18,200 mAh Reserve Power Bank that shows how devices could potentially charge. Their website doesn’t say what devices were used to test these times, but with a capacity over 18,000 mAh, you are sure to have plenty of power for any device that needs charging. My iPhone 7 Plus has a 2,900 mAh internal battery so I would be able to charge it a little more than 6 times on a full charge of the power bank.

  • Smartphone – Up to 7.3 charges
  • Smartwatch – Up to 55 charges
  • Large Tablet – Up to 2.5 extra charges

GRIFFIN 18200 mAh Reserve Power Bank REVIEW

The 18,200 mAh Reserve Power Bank is a bit larger and heavier than the 9000 mAh model, but it still has the same smooth outside shell. The battery comes in both the gray and black color choices as the smaller version, too. The power bank is approximately the same physical size of an iPhone 7 Plus (shown), but it’s quite a bit thicker. In addition to the two USB ports for output charging, there is also a Micro USB port for input charging. The battery will automatically start charging when a device is plugged into it, but if it doesn’t you can press the power button to initiate the charging process. Pressing the power button will also cause the LED power indicator lights to show how much life is left on the power bank.

GRIFFIN 18200 mAh Reserve Power Bank REVIEW

I’ve been a fan of Griffin products for quite some time. The company has been around for 25 years and was one of the first to design products for the iPod. Over the years, they have become a trusted name in technology. My experience with the Reserve Power Bank has been outstanding. I’ve been able to charge my iPhone 7 Plus and new 10.5-inch iPad Pro at the same time and still have enough power left for another round of charging if needed. I’ve haven’t experienced any heat transfer except with the larger tablets like Robyn did. I’ve enjoyed the Reserve Power Bank so much that I’m trusting it as my only battery I’m taking with me on my trip to Nashville for Heroes & Villains Fan Fest over the weekend.

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