Gridsutra is a new experience in window management.

With its name Gridsutra and tagline “Reinventing the positions” this status bar app for Mac offers a user friendly window management — it helps you to work with different windows at the same time.

The most convenient way to manage the mess requires only 3 steps.

Step 1: Choose a Launcher mode to get multiple layout options to select.

Gridsutra Mac App REVIEW

Step 2: Your windows get arranged and you select those you want to organise with Gridsutra.

Gridsutra Mac App REVIEW

Step 3: Choose the best grid for your selected windows.

Gridsutra Mac App REVIEW

That’s it, enjoy well organised windows.

Gridsutra Mac App REVIEW

You can also adjust the windows positions without going to the Launcher — just activate the window which position you want to adjust. Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned from the menu to simplify windows management.

Grid sutra is really say to use, but a video tutorial that is automatically played at the first launch, helps users to make the most of the application’s functions.

Gridsutra works only with windows which are natively developed using Apple technologies. Also Gridsutra won’t work with the fixed sized windows. The app has been tested on OS X 10.10 and later.

To use the app make sure that you have added Gridsutra and turned on the accessibility option in System Preference > Security & Privacy > Accessibility.

Gridsutra is availble for macOS as a 30-day free trial and then $2.99 USD.

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