Grids is a wonderful Instagram client for your Mac.

Sometimes I get too busy to check my Instagram until I’m ready to post a new photo myself. As a result, I end up missing out on cool photos my friends have taken. I’ll find myself liking photos they took three or four weeks prior to me logging on. With Grids from ThinkTime Creations LLC., I can have my feed open and ready to view at a moments notice.

Grids-2Grids is a great way to keep up with your Instagram feed via your Mac. The app will send me a notification when someone I follow posts a new photo to Instagram. This lets me choose to click the notification to view the new image. From there I can like it, comment on it, and bookmark if I choose. There is no need to stop what I’m doing on my Mac to pick-up my iPhone for Instagram. I can now quickly view my feed and get right back to work. I can also browse Popular feeds, favorites, photos taken nearby, my friends’ feeds and my profile. Grids has a stunning interface that gives me a way to enjoy Instagram with a bigger screen.

Grids-1Since I started using Grids, my time on Instagram has increased. I’m really taking my time and checking out what my friends have been posting. I end up testing quite a few apps with the course of a week. Many of them end up being deleted. For an app to stay on my Mac it has to do one of two things. 1. Be useful, or 2. make me feel different when using it. Grids is allowing me to stay caught up with my friends lives through their Instagram posts. Plus, I get the feeling when viewing images on a bigger screen that you just don’t get on a small phone. Grids fits both of the above. It now has a permanent home on my Mac.

Grids1Grids includes a beautiful, sleek adaptive UI that is fully supported for Retina display. One of the aspects I enjoy the most about Grids is its full screen view. Through the full screen view, you can see fantastic high resolution images and enjoy the ease of browsing through many pictures at once instead of one-by-one. Grids is also completely ready for OS X Yosemite.

One feature that I hope will become available is the ability to upload photos to your Instagram account. This is apparently regulated by Instagram as Grids support states that it’s not possible to upload pictures through third-party apps to Instagram. I hope this is something that will change though as I believe it will add so much more functionality to this and many other apps.

Grids is available through App Store for $1.99. For more information, visit


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ThinkTime Creations

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