Grids brings the best Instagram experience to your Mac.

Grids 3.0 is an Instagram client for Mac. Read Nick’s review of a previous version here.

I’m a huge fan of anything that connects my computer and phone usage. I tend to jump between the two devices rather often, and I can get frustrated with certain commonly used applications that work (or work well, at least) only on one or the other. Grids acts as a bridge for Mac/Instagram fraternization.

Grids 3.0 iOS App Review 2

Grids features a clean, simple UI, which allows you to browse your feed or popular posts (selected based on your interests with promises that they shan’t be “weird and totally random” (unless you’re into that sort of thing)) in a (go figure) grid. You can play with the app settings to change preview size, space between posts, preview information, and auto-trimming whitespace to your personal preference to optimize the viewing experience. I also like the multiple accounts and bookmarks features, which let you switch easily between Instagram accounts and bookmark people and posts without following/liking them, respectively.

Grids 3.0 iOS App Review 3

This iteration of the application fully supports high-resolution images, non-square photos, and hashtags in languages besides English. Other updates include automatically searching keywords when you switch search categories, new popular photos, and bug fixes. Still not able to upload anything to your account via third party apps, but it’s still pretty lovely. 5/5

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