Grid-It by Cocoon is a favorite gadget from 2013.

Several months ago, I was a visitor at the Apple Store in Louisville, Kentucky. While waiting for a friend to finish up with a Genius service appointment, I browsed the geeky wares in the retail store. I came across Grid-It by Cocoon. I have long had a problem with tangled cables in my laptop bag and when I found this little wonder, I snatched it up quickly.

gridit-2Grid-It is dubbed “A gadget’s best friend” and indeed it is. The Grid-It is constructed with a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands that holds any items and their cables securely in place. It comes in varying shapes and sizes. All of which are affordable.

  • Ex-Small 7 x 5 ($9.99)
  • Small 10.25 x 5.125 ($14.99)
  • Medium 12 x 8 ($19.99)
  • Large 9.625 x 15.125 ($24.99)
  • Ex-Large 11 x 15 ($29.99)

I chose the medium version because it seemed to be the best fit for my laptop bag – and it was. I have a rolling laptop bag that has a utility pocket where I keep my cables. It just so happens that the medium Grid-It fits perfectly into that area.


As I mentioned, I’ve had the Grid-It for several months now and have used Grid-It for cables and small gadgets and the elastic bands are just a strong as when I originally purchased it. Because it is woven, there are endless possibilities of how to place your objects.

Because of its usefulness and affordability, Grid-It has quickly become one of my favorite gadgets. I use it on a daily basis and recommend it to everyone that I come across.

Buy a Grid-it here.

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