Are you looking for an exciting pastime that’s fun and kills time? You may be thinking of going into GClub casino for a few hours, but you’d probably be just as happy to relax with exhilarating iOS game apps. The Apple App Store offers limitless gaming options, so we’ve made things easier for you by recommending the five best games to play on iOS in 2020.


PUSS! is an exhilarating pathfinding game. It challenges you to navigate through a series of complex mazes without touching the walls or bumping into nasty hazards. A boss guards each of the PUSS! worlds and you need to take them down to unlock a new ally to accompany you on the adventure. You play all levels in a random order, meaning every run offers an entirely different experience. The ‘weird’ factor increases as the game progresses. Download PUSS! from the App Store.

Bullet Echo 

Bullet Echo is another awesome iPhone game to play in 2020. It’s a player vs player tactical shooter game set in the dark. Your only view is from the trusty flashlight mounted on the front of your weapon. Your work is to sneak around the arena and eliminate opposing team members. The flashlight may limit your sight, but your hearing will always be clear. You’ll easily detect your enemies through footsteps and gunshots. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock various Bullet Echo heroes with exceptional abilities.


While Oceanhorn is not a new concept on the smartphone playing field, it remains one of the best games to play on iOS. The developers have even optimized it specifically for iPhone 11 and newer models. Oceanhorn is a winner on the gaming front, with beautiful graphics, an exciting combat style, and challenging puzzles. The game feels like a console title, and its lengthy story has Oceanhorn players captivated for hours. You can even play it on a large screen with an Apple TV.

Maze Machina

Maze Machina is a puzzle game where you play the role of a tiny mouse trapped in an ever-changing mechanical maze. The aim is to find your way to a key and set yourself free. The game’s turn-based nature makes you and the enemy move simultaneously with every swipe. You will need to capitalize on the tools at your disposal to overcome the endless dangers in the maze. Besides conflict, you also need to employ intelligent decisions and careful moves to escape. It’s the risk factor that makes the strategy so appealing to those who want to add thrill to intellect in an iOS game. Download and install Maze Machina from the App Store. 


The final choice isn’t much of a surprise to those who know it. Bastion is a role-playing action game. You need to go to a post-apocalyptic fantasy world to collect rock shards, which power a structure called the Bastion. What sets this game apart is its immersive story, mind-blowing graphics, unique soundtrack, and voiceover narration. If you are not in the mood for your favourite GClub casino games online, pass the time with these five exciting iOS games instead.