Gravitas is a solid, efficient, stylish charging dock.

One drawback to upgrading technology is having to replace accessories. The day after I received my iPhone 6 Plus, I started researching charging docks as my previous dock was built for an iPhone 5S. I discovered a high-quality company called Henge Docks.


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“Welcome home, Apple,” is the motto of Henge Docks. They pride themselves on designing elegant, effective docking solutions for Apple products. In fact, Henge Docks exclusively creates products to compliment Apple devices. Henge Docks was conceived from an idea one of the founders had when trying to hook up his 12-inch G4 PowerBook to a home theater system. The solution was a messy bunch of cables and connectors that would inevitably become lost. Matt, the product designer, began sketching basic designs for a vertical docking station that allowed the user to connect all the ports at once. This was something that hadn’t been done before. Not too long after this, Henge Docks was born.

Gravitas1 (copy)Henge Docks makes some of the most elegantly designed products I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the great team at Henge Docks, I have been able to review their product, Gravitas, a dock for the iPhone and iPad.

Gravitas has interchangeable liner inserts that make it easily compatible with any model iPad or iPhone. This was of concern to me since I just recently upgraded both my iPhone and iPad to an iPhone 6 Plus and an iPad Air 2. At the time I began testing Gravitas, the inserts for the newest iPhone and iPad models had not yet entered the market. That being said, I do still have access to an iPad Air, which is compatible with the current inserts of Gravitas.

Gravitas2When I received Gravitas, I was surprised by how heavy the package was. I was not expecting it to weigh so much. Gravitas is made from a zinc alloy 265% denser than aluminum and it weight in at 2.5 pounds. It’s weight is important for balance as well as to facilitate single-handed docking and undocking. This was a very welcome design element that I wasn’t expecting.

Even though Gravitas has a hefty weight, it’s size is an impressive 3.5 inches in diameter. This was also a welcome design element because it doesn’t clutter up the desktop. With such a solid base, Gravitas comes equipped with a full rubber base, which keeps it from scratching desk surfaces.

Gravitas4As I mentioned previously, Gravitas is designed to accommodate all iPad and iPhone models. As such, you can request a dock with either the lightning or 30-pin models. Being that I was looking to test this dock out with an iPad Air, I requested the lightning model. I’ve found that the iPad Air charges as quick as, if not quicker, than if I simply plugged in the charger supplied by Apple. And even though I don’t have the inserts that make the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 to fit the most securely they can, I have charged both devices using the dock with similar results to the iPad Air. There is no doubt about it — Gravitas is a solid, efficient, stylish charging dock.

Gravitas5In addition to the lighting port, Gravitas also has a USB port on the back. That’s how you provide power to charge your devices. Gravitas also has an audio line out port, which will allow you to plug in external speakers and supply them with high fidelity, fixed volume, stereo output.

Something else that is very cool about Henge Docks is that they have a program called Life After Device. This program ensures that they will continue to support future innovations and designs of Apple Lightning equipped devices. Gravitas will continue to receive updated inserts for future generations of Apple products.

Gravitas2 (copy)Gravitas is a wonderful product from a very unique, forward-thinking company. If you are looking for a charging dock that will be compatible with any of your iPhones or iPads, give Gravitas a try. It is available starting at $69 from Henge Docks. Prices vary depending on the insert size.

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