g.flow stone Laptop Stand is 100% recyclable, not requiring any cutting of trees or use of water and is made from recycled materials eliminating any harm to the environment

grape lab, a sustainable design studio doing a variety of experiments to solve environmental and social issues, today announced g.flow stone Laptop Stand, the world’s lightest and most portable laptop stand which is now available on Kickstarter. Designed solely from one single sheet of stone paper, the g.flow stone Laptop Stand weighs 90 grams (3 oz) offering a lightweight feel lessening its carbon footprint. With the use of minimal resources and green technology, eliminating any unnecessary elements, grape lab continues to reinforce and show its creative design and attention to the products’life cycle all the way from production to ultimate disposal.

Using minimal resources, without any chemical coatings or glues, g.flow stone Laptop Stand was intentionally created to reintroduce upcycled wasted material in an innovative and eco-friendly way for a sustainable lifestyle. It is thoughtfully shaped for easy-viewing angles on any device, combining sustainability, functionality and comfortability into one laptop stand. The geometric folding design also allows the user to have a stress-free experience with zero wear and tear. g.flow stone Laptop Stand is an everyday nomadic workspace accessory that is multifunctional and used on-the-go, keeping the digital workstation mobile wherever and whenever needed.

The g.flow stone Laptop Stand promises strength and sturdiness, in addition to streamlining the recycling process by the use of one material manifesting as a ready-to-recycle product. The natural gaps, with the unique accordion concept optimizes the pristine airflow by holding up to 22 pounds and protecting devices from overheating. The waterproof feature encompasses a worry-free workflow acknowledging the everyday spills at home or in offices, as this long-lasting product is built to withstand any unforeseen accidents without losing its capabilities. 

“g.flow Stone has an innovative product design that harnesses the importance of environmental attributes while also offering a minimalistic feel that caters to a variety of workspaces,” said Alice Kim, Founder and Art Director of grape lab. “We want to not only have the user feel comfortable while working, but also reinforce the sustainability features that sets this product apart from others.”

grape lab serves individuals who make purposeful and environmentally conscious decisions in their everyday life from the food they consume to daily essentials.Offered in three different designs, Basic Gray, Basic Lavender and Art Edition Rainbow Heart, g.flow stone Laptop Stand is 100% recyclable removing any form of harm to the environment, safely returning to nature. 

With the campaign launching on Kickstarter, those that are interested are encouraged to support the g.flow stone Laptop Stand via Kickstarter.com. Pledge options are starting at $27.  

For more information please visit thegrapelab.org  and stay updated by following grape lab on social media- Facebook: @grape.labb & Instagram: @grape.labb.