Governor of Poker 3 gives players an enjoyable online multiplayer experience.

Youdagames, the developer behind the wildly popular, Governor of Poker franchise, is proud to announce the release of Governor of Poker 3 for iOS. This groundbreaking launch has two brand new features for the Governor of Poker series – 1) It was built from the ground up for mobile devices, and 2) It’s the first Governor of Poker game to offer a multiplayer option. You can now face players across the globe as easily as someone that is sitting across the room.

poker1As the game begins, so do you as a poker player. As a rookie, you will level up as you play. Winning hands will gain you experience. Since the added variable of online opponents is now in play, you can use your winnings to purchase accessories such as special hats, pins, shirts, and more. Governor of Poker offers players the option of playing several games – Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack, 5-hands tables, 8-hands tables or turbo tables.

Governor of Poker 3 sets itself apart from games of a similar nature by attacking both casual and professional poker players alike. With a multitude of game modes and a superior online experience, players of all backgrounds will find themselves having a grand time in the old west poker games.

“The third installment of Governor of Poker gives players the same high-quality poker experience they have come to expect from the first two games—this time, developed specifically for mobile and introducing a highly anticipated multiplayer mode. We’re confident that poker fans will be thrilled with Governor of Poker 3,” said Marcel Pordon, Producer at Youdagames.

Some of the key features of Governor of Poker 3 include:

  • Play Texas Hold ‘em poker in 5-hands tables, 8-hands tables, turbo tables, heads-up tables, royal poker, push or fold
  • Enjoy multi-table tournaments with thousands of players—and win mega jackpots!
  • Unlock more poker tables as you progress through the game
  • Completely customize your avatars with hundreds of hats, pins and shirts
  • Unlock special poker achievements as you play
  • Rank high on leaderboards and become #1!
  • Get a “welcome package” of chips, gold and hats—and enjoy daily free chips and gifts

poker2I found Governor of Poker 3 to be very enjoyable. Because of its experience/level-up feature, I felt like it played more like an action game than a casino-style game. That being said, I had a lot of fun playing high stakes Texas Hold ‘Em at an 8-person table. I also found the graphics to be vibrant and attention-catching. I love that when you are playing you only get an overhead view of the table and so you only see hats. As you progress, you can gain better hats, but when you start, you have a hat that is kind of ratty. It’s indicative of the type of player you are and a very cute touch.

I can highly recommend Governor of Poker 3 to anyone who enjoys card games or action-based level-up progression games. It’s free to download with in-app purchases included.

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Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker 3