Google announced today the addition of Pixel, the newest Chromebook. The hardware of it seems to be solid, but the OS is based simply off of Chrome OS, the web-only operating system. Pixel comes complete with a built-in high-resolution touchscreen display and 1TB of Google Drive cloud storage for three years. Being that it is a web-based operating system, there are two version of Pixel set to be released – Wi-Fi and LTE. The Wi-Fi model will ship today, but the LTE model is scheduled to be available in 6-7 weeks.

Pixel Chromebook is said to be ‘heavy’ competition for the MacBook Air. While the size, shape and look might be comparative to the MacBook Air the Chrome OS doesn’t seem to be enough to go head-to-head with Mac OS. I have put together a spec comparison of Pixel and the 13-inch MacBook Air, which has the closest specs to the Pixel. As you can see, the MacBook Air has a leg up on the Pixel in almost every area except for the touchscreen.

In my opinion, it’s unfair to compare the Pixel with the MacBook Air as the Pixel is closer to a net book in nature than a laptop built for productivity like the MacBook Air. They are just different classes of computers. Another important note: the Pixel must have an Internet connection to operate. My final thought – at this price point and the direct competition of a strong computer like the MacBook Air, the Pixel falls short on the specs where it matters. My opinion of this product is based solely on the specs since I have not had the chance to test the device itself.