GoodReader SECTOR iOS App News:

Good.iWare announced the launch of GoodReader for SECTOR.

Good.iWare, developer of the world’s top-selling PDF reader and file management app for iPhone and iPad, today announced the launch of the GoodReader® for SECTOR® app. The new GoodReader for SECTOR app is designed to allow employees of SECTOR-based enterprise workspaces to take their important documents with them – securely – wherever they go.

This special version of GoodReader joins the OpenPeak SECTOR Network, a secure business app ecosystem endorsed by leading service providers worldwide. GoodReader for SECTOR will work with such SECTOR-based enterprise workspaces as BlackBerry Secure Work Space, AT&T Toggle, Deutsche Telekom Secure App Container, and Orange Dual Profile. GoodReader for SECTOR offers all the document reading and file management features of the consumer version of GoodReader, but with features designed specifically for users of SECTOR workspaces to make documents even more secure.

Companies must mitigate the risk of sending confidential documents on small, easily lost or stolen devices such as iPhones and iPads. With GoodReader for SECTOR, employees’ files will always be encrypted and password protected and, if necessary, companies will have the ability to remotely wipe the application and remove related data should a device be lost or stolen. Other SECTOR-specific security features include the ability for an administrator to remotely lock or unlock files in the application and reset passwords.

With GoodReader for SECTOR, government agencies and companies in even the most highly regulated industries can allow employees to view and mark up PDF files such as manuals, books, maps and magazines, sign PDF documents and contracts, using iPhones and iPads. GoodReader for SECTOR also enables mobile workers to securely open Microsoft Office® documents, TXT files, pictures, audio, and video files.

Many, if not most, employees use their mobile devices to access both personal and business information. To protect their privacy, GoodReader for SECTOR allows administrators to access and manage only the enterprise files without looking at any personal data.

The GoodReader for SECTOR app allows employees to annotate their PDF files in a number of ways:

  • sign documents with pre-composed signatures, with just three taps
  • create popup notes and drawings
  • create Typewriter boxes with callouts and handwritten notes
  • mark up PDF text with highlights, underlines and strikeouts

Not only can employees capture their thoughts and comments on top of a PDF file, but they can also modify and remove those comments later, using a dedicated desktop PDF annotating software like Adobe® Acrobat® on a Windows or Mac desktop computer.

Just as with the standard GoodReader app, GoodReader for SECTOR allows mobile workers to organize thousands of files into an easily manageable folder system. It enables employees to do all the basic things that they’ve been used to on a desktop computer:

  • Create a complex hierarchy of folders and subfolders
  • Move and copy files around
  • Rename and delete files
  • Zip files and folders into archives
  • Unzip and Unrar archives

The GoodReader for SECTOR app also allows to access and auto-sync data to the most popular online services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,, and custom remote servers via the following networking protocols: WebDAV, SFTP, AFP, SMB.

As an introductory price, GoodReader for SECTOR is available in the App Store for $9.99. Consumers that do not use a SECTOR-based enterprise workspace should consider purchasing the standard version of GoodReader which is available in the App Store for US$4.99.