Good Weather for iOS gives you a quick glance a the weather.

goodweather-homescreenGood Weather is a nifty little app that gives you a current weather report for your location. Recently released on February 26 by developer, Fried Cookie, Good Weather is a basic weather report with a simple interface – temperature, precipitation percentage, wind velocity and graphic denoting the what’s currently happening. If you are looking for bells and whistles with your weather report, you should look elsewhere because this app does not have them. But, that is what I like about it. It’s so very simple. I open the app and instantly see the temperature and what’s happening outside without any intruding ads or over done graphics.

I currently have three weather apps on my phone –, AccuWeather and Good Weather. Each are good in their own rite and I use each one for different reasons. Good Weather is my instant go-to app for what’s happening now. If I want future-casts, I will turn to one of the other two.

goodweather-gameOh, and did I mention there is a mini-game built in? At the very bottom of the screen, you will notice a button that reads, “Tap to Play.” When you tap it, you are met with a challenging little game that utilizes the graphics from the precipitation report. There are different versions of the game based off of the precipitation.

Another fun feature of the phone is the preloaded locations. Usually you have Cupertino, CA or Chicago, IL as preloaded locations. With Good Weather, you get Neverland, Oz and Winterfell.

I recommend this app to everyone that has an iOS device. Not only is it a free app, but it also gives you a quick look at the weather, which is sometimes all you need.