Prescription medications provided at discount prices.

A few years ago, I worked with a nonprofit organization that helped to provide people who were uninsured or underinsured with affordable health care options. It was part of their mission to ensure that all people had access to health care. In our area, we have a few options for organizations that offer options for low-cost or even free doctor visits and treatments. One thing these organizations cannot help with though is the cost of prescription medication. I myself have been without prescription insurance in the past and I can say that it’s frustrating to need medicine to help you feel better and not be able to afford it. Fortunately, there are programs, like Good RX, available to fill the gap between insured and those who need financial assistance for treatment.


Good RX is an amazing program that provides users with discounts and coupons for prescription medications. You can use their service free of charge and don’t even have to set-up a user account to take advantage of the discounts they offer. They do have an account set-up option, which will give you, even more, options as a user, but it’s an optional feature and not required to search their databases.

Good RX states that with some medications, users can save up to 80% off of the list prices (I personally typically save around 40%). The best part about Good RX is that you don’t have to print anything out to use it. You can keep the app on your phone, search for a medication when you go to the pharmacy, and then show your phone to the pharmacist to receive the discount. They will input the code in their computer/register and you reap the benefits!

In addition to the discount feature of the service, Good RX also gives you an option to compare prices between pharmacies. It’s sort of like Gas Buddy for medicine. You are given a list of pharmacies and the prices they are offering the medication for so that you can make an educated decision about where to get your medicine from.


When you first start up the app, you will see a screen with a simple search field in the center. There is also a Settings menu (indicated by a ‘gear’ icon in the corner) that allows you to connect the app to a registered account if you choose to make one. When you tap in the search to enter your medication, a list of most recent searches will appear beneath it along with some suggested searches including Browse Popular Drugs, Find Drugs by Condition, and Identify a Pill. Once you enter a drug name, you will be asked to select the form, dosage, and quantity. The app uses Location Services to locate pharmacies close to you offer the medication and it shows the prices they currently offer it for. From here you select a pharmacy option and the coupon information will appear on the screen.

Good RX is an exceptional option for finding prescription medications at an affordable price. I was faced with using this app recently when I had to fill a prescription for our dog who was obviously not on my insurance plan. The medication was offered at a discount and it ended up saving us more than 50% on that medication. The list price was well over $70 and I paid less than $30 for it. Good RX can be used anytime you are faced with purchasing a medication at list price. This means that even if you have insurance, you can opt to use the discounted price from Good RX if it’s a better option. You can also use Good RX through their website, which is listed below.


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