Decent wireless earbuds at an affordable price.

Years ago, like many people, I thought the world was going to be wireless everything. For a brief time, it looked as if that was going be the case. We had all of the promises, but none of the execution. One of the devices that I couldn’t wait to be wireless was how I listened to music. First, we saw wireless speakers. These were either too expensive or they simply just didn’t work very well. I wanted portable headphones for my Walkman.

To be truly free meant that there were absolutely no wires. This took some time but we eventually got some wireless headphones. Albeit, expensive for the average person. Now we can search and find a plethora of devices that meet the wireless criteria. I want something inexpensive while still being of a good quality. I have had a somewhat expensive pair of wireless earbuds for a while, but still, have the need for an inexpensive set for practical use.

GoNovate Gemini Total Wirless Earbuds REVIEW

The Gemini True Wireless Earbuds are what I landed on. To begin, these earbuds won’t set your wallet back very much.  That being said I had pretty high hopes right off of the bat. The overall design really appealed to me. Unlike quite a few other brands, the Gemini earbuds are surprisingly small and compact. There are several different rubber pieces, making it comfortable and customizable to almost any person’s needs.

Charging them was very simple. The included charging case is handy. You simply drop the earbuds inside and magnets pull them right down to the connectors that charge the earbuds. The case also has a battery in it. Being able to charge on the go is very convenient for everyone and easy to operate. On the bottom, there is a power button and LED indicator lights for the battery percentage.

GoNovate Gemini Total Wirless Earbuds REVIEW

Use of the earbuds was where I ran into issues. From the get-go, pairing the device seemed overly complicated. Now I was able to pair them after carefully reading the instruction manual. You are to connect one earbud to another and then to your music device. This isn’t really a serious issue. When powering up for another use, I ran into a snag. You have to turn the right side in before the left to pair everything completely. Once the Earbuds were up and running I was pretty excited to it then through their paces. I quickly realized that the sound quality was lackluster. I got maybe 8 feet from my device when the earbuds started crackling. While listening to music with my device in my pocket I didn’t experience any distortion and they worked very well.

GoNovate Gemini Total Wirless Earbuds REVIEW

Overall for the price, the True Wireless Earbuds are pretty decent as long as you aren’t hoping for the best in the market.

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