Goal Zero Power Pack allows you to power anything anywhere

Goal Zero’s slogan is Power. Anything. Anywhere. and with the Flip 30 Recharger Power Pack, that is close to the truth. I say “close” because the Flip 30 has an optional companion device; the Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel which literally could provide limitless power anywhere you have access to the sun.

However, even when restricted to acquiring power from USB ports, the Flip 30 is impressive. The claim is that you can charge your phone three times from it’s massive 7800 mAh battery and in my tests, I would have to agree that the Flip 30 lives up to the hype.

Goal Zero Flip 30 Recharger Power Pack REVIEW

However, the really defining features of this battery have nothing to do withy it’s size. First of all, the USB port “flips” out to provide tangle-free USB charging. This feature alone is nice because I can’t tell you how many battery charging cables I have lost in my house let alone traveling. Second, the battery can be recharged from a USB port while you also charge your device which handy in the new Apple USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 world we live in where there are fewer and fewer ports available and they all need to do everything with a slew of adapters thrown into the mix.

Another nice feature of this battery is that it comes 100% charged from the factory which is handy if you buy this thing in an airport. Right out of the box you have three full charges for your phone ready to go. When you are on empty, 5 hours connected to a USB port will give you three more phone charges.

Goal Zero Flip 30 Recharger Power Pack REVIEW

Finally, I can say that the product looks and feels great. My unit was the GZ-Green color which is like a metallic green/gold color. It feels premium and well made in your hand.

The Flip 30 would make an excellent portable battery choice for anyone needing power on the go and the option add on solar panel makes this suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities.

For more information, visit goalzero.com/flip-30-recharger.
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