A lightweight and convenient way to charge three devices at once.

One of my most favorite activities has become camping  with my family.  Whether I am tent  camping with my seven year old Cub Scout son or motorhome camping with my wife and three children, portable power is a recurring need. My wife often has her Galaxy S5 and I have my IPhone 6s Plus and Apple Watch Sport 42 mm with me on our trips.  We have travelled a few times from Kentucky to North Carolina to visit my parents and we have stayed at local camping locations.  One universal truth is that we tend to have more devices than outlet ports. Power/charging Hubs have saved us on more than one occasion.  You may ask how is it that these three devices use up all of the outlets?  These are just what we typically keep with us.  The kids may sometimes have iPads, Nintendo 3ds, kindle Fire HD, a portable DVD player.  During the day most of the items are off limits and safely stowed away.  At night, we may sit as a family and enjoy nature and electronics.  Then while we sleep, we charge them to repeat again the following day.

Go2Link USB 3 Port Charger Review

I have received Go2Link USB Charging Station Travel Charger Power Adapter (15W/2.1a 3-port) to review.  This device arrives in a drab cardboard box with black lettering on the top. Unfortunately, the packaging leaves much to be desired.  Opening the package, you see a small black rectangular charger with a 31″ cord (tip of prong to edge of charger). 4 15/16″ long X 7/8″ wide X 7/8″ tall.   The device has 3 ports that are red colored.  Two of the ports are listed as 0.5-1A and a third listed as 2.1A.  The plug end has a standard A t hope plug (2 prong).  There is no instruction manual.  There is a single Blue LED with “PWR” listed above this.  The LED remains on whenever the device is plugged into power.  It is rather bright.  Blue light, unfortunately, can tend to disrupt sleep.  A red led may be better for a device that will live inside of the bedroom.

Without a manual, I turned to Amazon to learn more about the device.  According to the description, you can get this device in black, blue and white.  I received the black device to test, which is actually more of a flat black coloration.  The Amazon page details Intelligent POWER IQ provides charging up to 2.1 A. The three ports can produce up to 15W of power apparently at 4.1A total.  If you look through the details you will see “Note2” which states: 1Tablet PC & 2iphone: Support Charging, 3iphones: Support Charging, 2 Tablet PC & 1phones: Nonsupport Charging, 3 Tablet PC: Nonsupport charging.  This device is supposed to have over current protection, surge protection, temperature control.  I do not yet have a USB current tester, but I have ordered one to test the device further.  It has a nice size base, allowing it to rest flat on your desk/floor and essentially.  It is convenient to be able to charge 3 devices at once.

Go2Link USB 3 Port Charger Review

The device essentially functions as an extension cord, except it uses USB plugs instead of Type A plugs.  Most household circuits can tolerate up to 15A X 120V=1800Watts, with some newer outlets in kitchens, garages etc. tolerating up to 20A Circuits (2400 Watt).  Notice I said circuit and not the actual wall plug.  This statement was purposeful, as most homes have multiple outlets on a single circuit.  For this device to charge 2.1A max and 0.5-1A in two ports, this seems a bit weak for a 3 plug system.  Especially when you think a hair dryer may be pulling 15A from a single plug.  There is no reason that this device should not provide 5-6A with two 2A and one 1A port or three ports 2A each port.  Essentially you have a single tablet charger and 2 other item chargers.  Unfortunately, modern iPhones can charge at that faster rate. For me, I want my devices to charge at optimal speed. The ports are well made and have a good fit for the USB A plug end.  When speedy charging is not necessary, when light weight USB charging is desired, this is an ideal option.  For me, this will charge my iPhone 6s Plus, IPad Air 2 and Apple Watch overnight.  You can substitute the iPad for my wife’s Galaxy S5 and you can get similar findings. Personally, I wish that this had two 2A charging ports and a 1A charging port.  I would rate this at 4/5 stars.