Gmail Notifier Pro helps Gmail users never miss a message with its utility app.

gmailnotifierpro2I signed up for Gmail many years ago when it was just an infant in the email world. This was back before I had a ‘decent’ email client like Apple Mail to run Gmail through. I was stuck, like most people, and had to go through an Internet browser any time I wanted to check my email. Back in those days, I found a nice little menu bar utility called “Google Notifier” that connected to my Gmail account and very simply notified me when a message appeared in my inbox. Unfortunately, Google Notifier isn’t supported any longer, but Gmail Notifier Pro is.

Gmail Notifier Pro is a wonderful menu bar utility app that notifies you when you receive emails in your Gmail inbox – just like Google Notifier. It’s dubbed ‘the perfect replacement’ for Google Notifier. Some of the main features of Gmail Notifier Pro include:

  • Multiple account support
  • Mail notifications with discrete sound
  • Secure (passwords stored in the keychain and SSL connections)

So how does it work? When you first install Gmail Notifier Pro, you are asked to enter your email address and password. Then, the app connects to that account. Gmail Notifier Pro shows the top 10 messages from your inbox with the subject and first line of the email included in the drop down. Within the preferences, you can set the timing for when the app checks your inbox. I currently have mine set to check it every 5 minutes. You can set it to check more frequently or less frequently if you choose. As mentioned in the features above, you have the option for notifications as well. Another option you have within preferences is to have Gmail Notifier Pro open at login. If you are using this as your only means of notification for your emails, I would suggest leaving this option turned on so that you don’t miss any important messages.

gmailnotifierpro1Once you have all your preferences set-up, Gmail Notifier Pro runs quietly in the background. A notification pops up when you receive a message and you can quickly and efficiently check the message within the app drop down. If you select the message, Gmail Notifier Pro will open Gmail within your default Internet browser so that you can read the message in its entirety. You can also delete the message and mark it read from within the drop down menu.

Since the time that I was first using Google Notifier, I have linked my Gmail account to Apple Mail. I still like having Gmail Notifier Pro active because I have several accounts linked to Apple Mail and Gmail Notifier Pro tells me when I have email specifically from my Gmail account.

I can highly recommend Gmail Notifier Pro to anyone using Gmail natively in an Internet browser. The app retails for $0.99 in the App Store. For more information visit,