Brainteaser game lacks instruction and is a bit too complicated.

I like puzzle games, but sometimes when you come across one that is too hard or too confusing, you just get turned off by it. Glowish is a puzzle-style game that involves ‘switching’ lights on and off. The game board consists of different shapes that are different colors. The goal is to turn all the lights on (a ‘light’ is a glowing ring around the shape), but the lights will toggle on and off when you tap the individual shapes AND shapes of the same color and shape will toggle on and off, too. So, it can get a little complicated and a little confusing. There are quite a few features within Glowish that make the game appealing to those who enjoy puzzle games.

  • 100 PUZZLES – In addition to the puzzles included within the app, you can also play randomly generated puzzles for endless game play.
  • 8 COLOR THEMES – You have the option to try different color options (darker or lighter) to make it more eye-catching for you.
  • RELAXING – Glowish is meant to be a relaxing experience and has a soothing track of music built-in.
  • COLOR BLIND MODE – This unique option is meant for people who have trouble seeing colors. It provides a different way of perceiving the different colors through symbols.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS – There are loads of achievements to unlock throughout the game. I actually got one for getting to level 10. It’s a nice way to keep you motivated to play.
Glowish iOS App REVIEW Glowish iOS App REVIEW

So, when I first started playing Glowish, I was completely lost. The game opens up on a screen with a single shape on it. There is another dot at the top of the screen, a restart button at the bottom, as well as a hints option. The problem is that there is no direction given to the player. I was completely baffled and thought that maybe one of the buttons would give me a ‘help’ option for directions. The hint button has a lightbulb icon with it so I thought that maybe that would provide some insight. As soon as I tapped it, I realized that I had used up a hint on the first level. The dot at the top of the screen ended up being the menu button, but it doesn’t offer any assistance either. With this type of game, I would love to see the first one or two levels be a tutorial of how the game works. To me, that would be the easiest way to provide instructions. That tutorial could be saved within the main menu for later use if needed. I know that this game is supposed to be a brain teaser, but some guidance, especially at the beginning, would be great. I fumbled through several levels before I figured out how the game was supposed to be working. By then, I was completely turned off by the game play.

Glowish iOS App REVIEW Glowish iOS App REVIEW

Given that I had some issues with getting started, I thought that it might benefit those who are interested in playing the game if I included a few tips. As you move through the levels, you will be presented with a single screen with colorful shapes on it as shown in the images above. When you tap on a shape, the other shapes that are the same shape or color will illuminate or dim depending on its current state when you do the first toggle. The goal for the board is to get all the shapes to be turned on. For example, if I were to tap on the first green circle in the image above, all the circles would illuminate. Then, I would just have to get the squares to all be illuminated. If I tapped on the turquoise square, then all the squares would illuminate, but the turquoise circle would dim since the two shapes share the same color. So, you would want to select the square that doesn’t share a color with another shape. I chose the red square which kept the circles all illuminated and turned on all three squares at the same time. I do like that there is no timer or scoreboard. It’s just about how far you can personally push yourself through the levels. After I discovered how to play, I made it through several levels without realizing how much time had passed. I found that the key really is to look at the big picture of the game board and determine which shape should be the first one to be lit. All the rest seem to fall into place after that. So far, I’ve only made it through level #16 and I find it very challenging. I can only imagine what the higher levels will be like.

If you like puzzle games that are meant to exercise your brain, you might really enjoy Glowish. It is a pretty game and I like the detail that was put into the design, especially how the developers took those who are color blind into consideration with special modes. If I had more instruction up front, I might have enjoyed it better.

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