A great all-around mouse.

Over the years, I’ve had lots of different styles of computer mouses. Some of my favorites end up being the ones with the simplest interfaces. I’m not the biggest of gamers – at least not on a personal computer, but I do love gaming and it’s gear. It’s built to be tough and built to be used for long periods of time. That’s what I need. I spend close to 12 hours behind a computer every day and need gear that’s going to keep up with me. After trying out the Modular Mechanical Keyboard from Glorious PC Gaming Race, I wanted to see what their gaming mouses had to offer. So, I decided to check out the Model O gaming mouse. 


The Model O is the world’s lightest RGB gaming mouse. It weighs approximately 67 grams and was developed by a team of passionate gamers that built the Model O for speed, control, and comfort. The frame of the mouse is designed to be ambidextrous and is made for next-level competitive e-sports gamers. The Model O mouse features a honeycomb shell that keeps the mouse feather-light while maintaining ultra-durable strength. The holes also provide ventilation and make it easy to clean the device with canned air. The mouse has state-of-the-art Omron switches that is good for up to 20 million clicks. 

The mouse is wired by design. It comes equipped with the Ascended Cord, a proprietary braided cable that is ultra flexible and lightweight so that the mouse feels almost wireless. The mouse has premium G-Skates (100% pure virgin PTFE) pre-installed. They have rounded edges so the mouse doesn’t snag your mouse pad and so the mouse itself can glide across your desktop smoothly and easily. There is a DPI indicator on the bottom of the mouse that can be set to any value and color the user chooses (using the software). The mouse also features the Pixart 3360 Sensor for pixel-perfect tracking, zero mouse acceleration, no more spinouts, 1000 Hz polling rate, and less than 2mm lift-off distance. The Model O is designed for medium-large sized hands while the Model O- is for small to medium sized hands. Both options are available in white and black base colors with either a matte or glossy finish. There is software available for optional customization and control of the device. It’s only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Pixart® PMW-3360 Sensor
Mouse Feet Type
G-Skates Premium Mouse Feet
Switch Type (Main)
Omron® Mechanical Rated For 20 Million Clicks
Mouse Feet Thickness
Number of Buttons
Dedicated DPI indicator?
Yes, on bottom of mouse
Max Tracking Speed
250+ IPS
Default DPI Settings
400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green)
Model O: 67grams (Matte) and 68 grams (Glossy)*
Model O-: 58grams (Matte) and 59grams (Glossy)*
Remappable DPI
Yes (requires software)
LED Color
16.8 million color RGB (8 effects)
LED adjustable without software?
Polling Rate
1000hz (1ms)
LED can be disabled?
Lift off Distance
Windows, Mac, and Linux. USB port required
Cable Type
Ascended Cord (ultra-flexible)
Optional (for more settings and options)
USB 2.0
Software Compatibility
Windows (7 or newer)
Cable Length
2 m / 6.5 ft
2 years


The Model O mouse comes in a premium box with the words “MODEL O” on the front along with the Glorious PC Gaming Race logo included in the top right-hand corner. The front of the box also features an illustration of the mouse and the weight of it (67G). The back of the box showcases the main technical specs of the mouse along with a diagram of its measurements. When you open the box, you will find the mouse along with a couple of stickers, a couple of folding brochures, a quick start guide, and a card from the CEO. 

I was immediately impressed by the mouse’s weight. It is extremely lightweight and that makes it easy to use for long periods of time. Another thing I really like about it is that the mouse is feature-rich, while maintaining its simplicity. There are 6 main buttons — left, middle, right, forward, back, and DPI button. Even though there are ways to customize these buttons for use with games, I loved using the mouse for everyday tasks as well. There are some gaming mouses that are simply just too complicated to use for regular computing tasks; so I bypass them. This mouse, however, is the perfect combination of gaming performance and ease of use. With that in mind, I am going to call out some of the features I like the most along with some areas for improvement. 

RGB Colors: The mouse features a full RGB color spectrum along with preset lighting effects. The lighting effects are activated by pressing the middle + forward + DPI buttons together. This can get tricky,  but it does work. I was thrilled to learn that this was possible because some gaming mouses only allow the user to customize or activate the different lighting effects by using special software. 


Software: There is software available that allows you to access additional settings for the Model O mouse, but it’s available for Windows users only. Because my main computer is a MacBook Pro, I was unable to take advantage of further customization of the mouse experience. My hope is that Glorious will release a Mac-friendly version of the software in the future. 

Comfort: Because of the shape of the mouse, it’s very comfortable to use. As I mentioned above, I spent the majority of my day at a computer. In testing this mouse out, I use it for several full days of activity. It performed admirably. 

Wired Control: The Model O is a wired mouse. There is a wireless version that should be available in November, but this version is wired. The cable is tangle-free because it’s braided and it has plenty of length. I didn’t have any issues with connectivity. 


The Model O mouse from Glorious is a good all-around mouse. It can be used for everyday tasks as well as useful for most types of gaming. It’s extremely lightweight and comfortable use. It’s design lends itself to be ambidextrous so that anyone can use it with ease. Aside from not being able to customize the settings, I had a good time using this mouse and I would recommend it to others.

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