A bright way to hold onto your devices if it sticks.

Not too long ago, I upgraded from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone Xs Max. The size upgrade was quite a change for me and I found that it helped to have an accessory like a pop socket attached in order to keep a tight hold of the phone. That’s why I was glad to find the Glitter Strap from Case-Mate. It serves the same purpose as a pop socket, but has a much different look and feel. 


The Glitter Strap was inspired by Case-Mate’s Glitter Pocket, an accessory that adds wallet-type storage to any phone. The strap is designed to be a ‘chic’ accessory. It’s made with a durable elastic strap and 3M adhesive backing on each end so that it’s permanently secured to your phone. The strap will provide extra grip and protection of your device. It will only attach to smooth surfaces, but it comes with a one year warranty against defects. It is a universal accessory and can work with any type or size of the phone. 

Glitter Straps for Smartphones by Case-Mate REVIEW


As I mentioned above, when I upgraded to a bigger phone it was harder to hold. When I had a smaller phone, my hand and fingers could reach all the corners which made it easier to hold the phone without dropping it. That’s why whenever I upgraded I was so thrilled to get this flexible strap. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I was hoping for. 

The Glitter Strap’s style is unique. I like how I can hold my phone and not have to worry about dropping it, but sometimes the strap falls off the case or phone. I was testing it out and trying to make sure it worked properly. I found out that if you make it too tight or spread both ends apart too far from each other, the strap would snap off the case and fall off. This wasn’t the type of experience I hoped for as it meant that I couldn’t have confidence in the product and that it would stay securely on my phone. 

Glitter Straps for Smartphones by Case-Mate REVIEW

As the name suggests, the strap has glitter on it. Fortunately, the glitter stays on the ends of the strap and does not fall off. Glitter can be very hard to clean up and the fact that I can have glitter to add some flare to the accessory and it won’t fall off is a big plus. That’s one of the things that I do like about this strap. 


The Glitter Strap is a nice option for an alternate accessory to a pop socket, but if I was being truthfully honest, a pop socket does a better job of adhering to your phone and keeping your grip secure. Since my phone was a $1200 investment, this Glitter Strap was not the best accessory for me. The adhesive doesn’t last for very long and because of that, I dropped my phone while testing it out. It’s a good thing I was indoors where the floors were carpeted. 

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