Glimpses turns your photos and music into stunning still motion videos.

Glimpses Mac App Review 3First, from Wikipedia:

“Still motion is a method of displaying many images one after another as frames, using the technique of “frame-by-frame”, similar to the concept of stop motion. The difference between this and stop motion, however, is that still motion is not a method of animation and therefore, each frame does not have to be related in any way. It is a style of editing which is usually used to create an intense effect.”

Thanks, Wiki, for clearing that up.

Glimpses Mac App Review 4Yes, Glimpses for Mac does exactly what it says it will do: it takes your photos and music, mixes them together and creates a video that is essentially a fast slideshow. By fast, I mean that the default time for which your photos are shown is 0.1 seconds, though you can easily adjust that anywhere up to 4 seconds. Unfortunately, the photos all get equal viewing time, so you can’t play with duration for emphasis or variation (I played around with this a bit, and you can kind of cheat by adding multiples of the same photo in order if you would like certain images to linger).

Glimpses Mac App Review 5But that’s a minor detail. More important details include that Glimpses renders videos with resolution up to 4K, and automatically sets the resolution based on what would best highlight your smallest photos; and you can set the viewing duration to match tempo with your soundtrack. Another nice feature is that if you choose to reduce pillar- and letter boxes around photos to fit the video frame, Glimpses recognizes faces so your head doesn’t get cropped out.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this application, in a good way. It was seriously easy to use, simple, user friendly, and all that. I made a video of some of my Disney photos in less than five minutes after downloading the software. In that time, I imported and rearranged photos, imported and cut the soundtrack music, changed the viewing duration of the photos and a few other settings, and created the video file. So ridiculously easy.

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