Protect and showcase the Jet Black colored iPhone in full glory with the GLASS case by SwitchEasy.

Each September, we are introduced to the excitement and spectacle of Apples new iPhone.  This past year, we were offered the iPhone 7/7plus, with a variety of changes/upgrades and amazingly a new color, JET black.  The color proved to be very popular and was very difficult to acquire at launch.  Excitedly, I chose the Jet Black iPhone 7 plus 128GB version and waited about 2 weeks for my new device.  In the interim, I read reviews detailing concerns about the new color, specifically regarding the likelihood of scratching the surface.  In the past 1.5 months that I have had the device, I have luckily not experienced any surface blemishes beyond fingerprints.

I have historically utilized Catalyst, Otterbox, or LIfeproof cases to protect my devices.  I have recently been using the Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 7 plus.  The above cases have proven to be much more protective than the silicone/plastic bumper guards that only protect the back/sides of the case.  Additionally, I love the belt holsters available for many of the listed phone cases.  This added protection does come with a sacrifice, however.  By fully covering the shell, you do lose a bit of the character of your device.  Why choose a specific color for a phone, only to hide it behind silicone/plastic?  Personally, it is a rather tough tradeoff for that accessory that is always at-the-ready.  I really do envy those who are comfortable enough with their device to leave it unprotected and free, in its native state.  What if there was an option that provided a protective shell and allowed the beauty of the device to show through?

GLASS for iPhone Case REVIEW: No longer hide the color of your iPhone

The GLASS case arrived in full retail packaging, with clear front plastic and black backing.  The front showcases the product, allowing it to show the clear backing of the case.  The sides of the case are listed as high-quality airframe aluminum (European spelling of Aluminum) and 0.8mm tempered glass. Along the top left of the packaging, you will find a sticker stating that this is the world’s first Touches Protection case to protect the jet black iPhone.  Turning the packaging to the back, there is English and Chinese-Character language, detailing the features for the GLASS Case.   In addition to the tempered glass and aluminum (again you will note they used aluminum), they note that their premium back glass is three times harder than any plastic.  There is a black tab on the bottom of the packaging.  Press this inward and you can remove the back plastic plate.  Inside, you will find the instructions for installation, which are well written and easy to understand.

To attach the case you will need to first attach the front plate, making sure all four of the corners are snuggly/firmly installed.  The phone fits very securely and has no noticeable wiggle.  You will then attach the back half of the glass shell.  They do provide a tip, which is really helpful. “Make sure the tenon joint is firmly attached.  Lightning port aligns center.”  This is the joint at the bottom of the case.  Once completed, lock the case and enjoy.  It is important to note that this version of the case is only for the iPhone 7 plus and cannot accommodate the iPhone 7.  Also, the shape of the camera of the iPhone 7 plus is different and this case would not be ideal for the iPhone 6s plus.  If you have the Jet Black case, they have provided a dust-proof seal to apply on the inner side of the glass.  This will help to seal the shell and to reduce debris from getting inside of the case.  The case is incredibly easy to install and is actually easy to keep dust/debris from the inside by keeping it upside down until you need to install the back.  It is relatively easy to keep fingerprints off of your device by handling the aluminum shell.  It states that there is an included microfiber wipe, however, this was not included in my packaging.  I used my ScreenDR cleaner kit and installed the product without issue.

GLASS for iPhone Case REVIEW: No longer hide the color of your iPhone

Once installed, you will note that the glass has an amazing lustrous shine.  Along the back of the glass is a protective thin plastic film, which must be removed for full effect.  The full beauty of the case was very difficult to capture in a picture, due to the reflective surface of both the case and the iPhone.  Even using filters and a Photo Booth, I was unable to fully capture the quality of the case.  Of the cases that I have tested/reviewed, the GLASS case has best showcased the Jet Black color of the iPhone 7 plus.  Instead of hiding the color behind plastic, you can now enjoy the full unique beauty of the Jet Black iPhone.

The small black dustcover was a little awkward to install but took less than about a minute.  Simply peel the sticky layer off of the small plastic shell and then stick it to the markings on the case.  Once installed, it creates a seal/gasket to reduce the influx of debris inside of the case.  Simply put, this case is amazing.  It is one of the better side/back bumper cases that I have found.  The case does add some weight to the phone, with a combined weight of 8.9 ounces.  The dimensions of the phone are minimally altered by the case, again allowing the phone to be the star of the show.  The aluminum siding has a military style feel and provides a great deal of protection to the sides of the phone.  After a week of use, I had no issues with either the glass or the sides of the case.

GLASS for iPhone Case REVIEW: No longer hide the color of your iPhone

There are two setbacks/limitations to this case that I feel need to be mentioned.  As listed above, I want a case that protects the screen as well.  I have utilized Kristall liquid screen protection and I also utilize the thin plastic screen protector that comes with the Otterbox Defender case.  This Glass case does not provide any form of screen protection.  I would thus fear scratches to the screen when placing the device into one’s pockets/bags etc.  Having the Kristall liquid screen protection, I did not experience any screen blemish.  The second issue and possibly the most important issue to me is the lack of a means of carrying the case.  I wish that there was an included holster or belt clip of some kind.  If this were present, this would be the go-to case for me.  Personally, I want quick access to my device.  Yet,  my pockets are not large enough to accommodate a phone, a wallet, and keys.

I rate the Glass Case at 4/5 stars.  It is an amazing bumper style case that does a great job at both protecting your phone and allowing you to fully visualize the device.

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