Comfortable, portable, and inflatable – the GIGA Lounger covers all the bases.

As the summer heat sets in, everyone is starting to think about lazy days by the pool or in the sand. Along with those scenes typically come some lounge chairs or beach towels. What if you could have both in one device? The GIGA Lounger can be that option for you. It’s the world’s first one-key automatic inflatable lounger and it’s perfect for that summer outing. The product is currently on Kickstarter (through June 2, 2021) and it makes it possible for you to relax whenever you want. 


The GIGA Lounger has an integrated electric pump (AirVorTech) and power bank. With the pump, you can inflate the lounger with one click. It airs up in about 60 seconds and can bear up to 150kg (330lbs). The GIGA Lounger is made of wear-resistant material that is foldable. The lounger is designed with a foldable vent that helps users to adjust the hardness they want in the lounger. Once the vent is adjusted, you simply click the top buckle together so that you can strongly seal the air outlet. Then, you can start the AirVorTech electric air pump. The pump is a unique air pump that is made to be IPX4 water resistant (do not submerge it) and has a capacity of 2600mAh. With a battery that size, the AirVorTech pump can inflate the lounger 25 times with one full charge. The lounger is lightweight and can be carried in its travel pouch or stuffed into a backpack. 

The GIGA Lounger features a one-piece design that has a height of 50cm after it’s inflated. This means that the thickness of the lounger can eliminate potential discomfort caused by uneven ground as well as isolate users from the humidity and cooler ground temperatures. 


I love the usefulness of air mattresses, but hate how long it takes to air one up. I also love the personal loungers that are aired up by swinging it around to capture the wind in the lounger’s bag. I just don’t like how hard it is to ‘catch’ the wind. So, this lounger was sort of the perfect marriage of those two products. The first time I used it, I had just opened the box and pulled the lounger out. When I did, I found the pump on the side, uncapped it, and started airing the lounger up. I tried to sit on it when I thought it was sufficiently aired up and that’s when I discovered that the vent wasn’t completely sealed. All of the air escaped and the lounger promptly deflated. 

After that incident, I investigated the proper way to inflate and deflate the lounger. You will first want to fold the vent area to adjust the hardness (or firmness) of the lounger. Once you’ve folded that up, snap the buckle together. Then, you will turn the power on the pump. The next time I tried to use the lounger, I was pleased that it not only held the air, but it was also quite comfortable. The shape of the lounger is contoured nicely for the natural curve of a person’s body. Your legs are slightly elevated and your head is propped up. I tried the lounger out in our backyard, which is covered in grass, but the ground is hard. So, it was a good test for the lounger. After I aired it up, I laid down on it and for a moment I thought I might roll off of it, but after I centered myself, I didn’t feel unsteady at all. I was actually very comfortable and I laid there for a while soaking in some sun. 


The GIGA Lounger is a really smart investment if you plan on going camping or vacationing near a beach or pool. You don’t have to worry about bulky lounge chairs that you have to lug around. You can just sling this handy, portable lounger on your back and venture to any location to enjoy it. 

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