GIFCon for iOS allows users to convert animated GIFs easily and efficiently.

GIFCon3Last week we released a news update about picTrove 2 and it’s new companion app, GIFCon. Developer, Traversient, creates some wonderful iOS apps that help you find and edit images from various online sources. picTrove is a fantastic app that is efficient and helpful. Now, GIFCon not only helps you find animated GIFs the same way, but also allows you to convert them to MOV files.

GIFCon allows you to adjust the number of time you want the video to loop and even control the speed of the converted video. You are also enabled as the user to save and share the video anywhere you wish. Some of the other features of GIFCon include:

  • GIFCon2Browse through and manage saved GIFs and converted MOV files
  • Post converted GIFs to Instagram! If your video is too small, add loops till it’s more than the minimum duration (3 seconds)
  • File size, number of frames (GIF), video duration are easily visible
  • Search for animated GIFs in picTrove 2 pro and import them into GIFCon
  • Import from various cloud file providers apps:
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Box
    • Readdle Documents
  • Save converted videos to your device’s photos library. GIFCon will maintain a library album for you to easily find the videos you saved.
  • Landscape orientation support on all devices

GIFCon1GIFCon is a incredibly easy to use and works seamlessly with picTrove. There are two main ways you can import GIFs into the app. First, if you are using picTrove and search for a GIF using any of the multiple services you can then select an Image Action and Convert with GIFCon. The GIF is instantly transported to GIFCon and you are ready to manipulate however you wish. The second option is from within GIFCon itself. When you open GIFCon you are met with a similar home screen to picTrove. From here you can select Import GIF and you are given the option to import from six different services, one of which is picTrove. Once a GIF is imported you decide how many times you want it to loop, what speed you want it to move and then you either share, upload to Instagram or save to your Photos app for later use.

I find GIFCon a welcome addition to my library of photo editing apps. It’s handy and very easy to use. Plus, it only take up 1.8MB of space on your iOS device. If you are looking to add to your photo tools, download GIFCon. It retails for $1.99 from the iTunes App Store and is well worth the cost especially if you work with or share animated GIFs frequently.

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