Getron Universal Phone Stand Review:

This is an impressive universal phone stand that works well with several different form factors.

Getron Universal Phone Stand Review 3I have missed the utility of having a phone stand or mount in my car, but there always seems to be a problem with each model that I try out. One stand might only work well when mounted on a vertical surface, while another stand might not flex to a proper viewing angle. The most frustrating stands are those that cover up the headphone jack and/or charging port on the seated device.

With a few exceptions, I can happily say that the Getron model has satisfied my expectation.

Getron Universal Phone Stand Review 4The stand is constructed well. The main arm of the stand feels quite sturdy and the device cradle is attached by a rounded peg that screws onto the open socket. This is a pretty common mount for a smartphone or GPS stand and allows the device cradle to shift angle and rotate at will. The tightening screw helps to limit the amount of movement by the device cradle, but I noticed that some of the heavier items still managed to scoot around when my car hit a bump in the road or stopped two suddenly. The suction cup mount also has a small coating of adhesive to help create a good vacuum seal and should allow the stand to stay where it is placed from the very first installation attempt.

Getron Universal Phone Stand Review 5About that cradle…it’s great! This is one of the first stands that I have used that have a wide enough pair of side clips to accommodate a post-iPhone5/Galaxy S3 device size. A press of the convenient side button releases the tension on the spring-loaded clips and allows them to slowly slide open with a smooth motion. Once your device is centered on the cradle itself, you can squeeze the clips back together and the ratchets inside the cradle click into place allowing for a snug, secure fit. Bonus points to the manufacturer for angling the plastic clips to come up over and in front of the device instead of just holding onto the side. This means devices that are thicker or awkwardly shaped should be able to be secured with this stand just as easily as the newest phone. There is even a clever little bottom piece that pops out of the front of the cradle that acts as an additional platform for the device to rest on when the cradle is holding a device vertically.

Getron Universal Phone Stand Review 7(For fun, I tried the stand out on an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6 Plus, a Sony PSP-1000, and a Nintendo Game Boy Advance AGB-001 and each device was able to be centered and clipped into place. It is not very likely that this kind of flexibility is needed, but it is nice to have the option.)

The stand does have a few negatives, however.

As much as I enjoy the cradle design and the cool pop-out tray bottom, using this piece will force the user to jiggle the phone into a not-quite-secure “just right” angle so the charging cable and headphone jack can be used simultaneously. Normally, the gap in this bottom piece will allow charging port access just fine, but on some devices (like my iPhone 6 Plus) the headphone jack is covered up by this piece in the default position. I would imagine that this disadvantage is largely subjective since a smaller device would have access to both ports even while using this tray. Other work arounds include using Bluetooth audio instead of an AUX cable (if your vehicle is suitably equipped), or just forgoing the bottom tray completely by relying solely on the strength of the rubberized side clips.

Getron Universal Phone Stand Review 8I’ve already mentioned the pros and cons of the stand using a ball-socket type connection between the arm and cradle, but I think I should mention that the arm itself is a little tall. On some dashboards, a larger device that is angled vertically might be in pretty close proximity to your rear-view mirror. In turn, this might cause a vertical blind spot in your windshield. I’d suggest moving the stand to a lower location on the dash if possible, or lean toward horizontally angling any devices for greater visibility.

With the right vehicle and a little adjustment, this stand has earned a place on my dashboard. Thanks to Getron, using a properly mounted phone with near-full voice control for phone actions and GPS navigation is a luxury that anyone can afford.