Get Backup Pro 3 Mac App utility helps with organizing your data for archiving.

Get Backup Pro 3 Mac App ReviewIf there is one thing I struggle with it’s backing up my system. As organized as I like to think I am, I ultimately find myself saving files erratically and then I struggle to find them later. And, I have more than one location for back-ups. Fortunately, there are software developers out there who create solutions like Get Backup Pro 3 to help people like me.

Get Backup Pro 3 is an advanced backup software designed to help users keep their data safe (users have the option to encrypt backup archives as AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, and Triple DES). There are so many times that Mac users don’t take the time to backup their files before upgrading operating systems or even just some specific apps. These updates can cause data to be lost in the process so it’s always a good idea to plan on backing up before you update. For me, it’s a matter of taking the time to organize as well as backing up. Get Backup Pro 3 really takes the guess work out of archiving. It has a very user-friendly interface and is incredibly intuitive.

Get Backup Pro 3 Mac App ReviewWhen you first open the app, you will see a simple window that has four menu options. The first is simply ‘Backup’. This is actually the option I used the most while testing. The concept is very simple. You click on the ‘+’ to add files, folders, or even apps to the backup. Once you have everything you want to save in the backup, you click on the play button, which starts the batch process. A dialogue window opens and you can select where you want the backup to be saved. This is probably my favorite feature of the entire utility. There are a lot of options out there that arbitrarily save the file somewhere on your hard drive. Since the big reason I want to use this software is to clean up my existing hard drive, I want the files saved elsewhere. Once the backup has finished processing, you are ready to start a new backup.

One of the features that is really nice about this app is that you can save the backup plans and run them again whenever you like. You also have the option of scheduling the backups. This can really help the backup challenged, like myself.

Get Backup Pro 3 Mac App ReviewHere’s something else to think about – Get Backup Pro 3 creates incremental backups, which significantly reduces the backup size thanks to copying only new files to the backup that were present at the time of the original backup. For example, I created a backup plan for my photos. You will see by my images that there are two libraries in it. Get Backup Pro 3 will look at the data information in the original backup and only add onto it. This can significantly cut down on time needed for backups.

In addition to its standard backup function, Get Backup Pro 3 also has the ability to create bootable clones of your HD. This is a very nice feature and one I would suggest users take advantage of before they upgrade their system.

Get Backup Pro 3 is one of the easiest utility apps I’ve ever used. It’s incredibly helpful to me and I understood how to use the app within about 5 minutes of opening it. Get Backup Pro is available for $19.99 ($9.99 as an upgrade) from Belight Software.

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