Making long amounts of computer time more comfortable

This is an accessory that everyone who spends time glued to their laptop needs to own.  I’m writing this with my laptop perched on the GEOTEL laptop stand and I am so pleased with the quality and function of this product.  I’m no stranger to neck pain that is caused by having my head tilted looking at computers, phones, books ect.  It’s a relief that more products are being made to help alleviate that problem.  The GEOTEL laptop stands stylish champagne gold color adds a nice pop of color to my desk and the incline makes doing work on my laptop less of a pain in the neck.

GEOTEL Laptop Stand For Macbook Pro REVIEW

Right out of the box you can tell this is a nice quality, solid, laptop stand.  Made out of aluminum the GEOTEL stand is sturdy and has some weight to it, making it something that will hold up from the pressure of the laptop and usage.  Set at an 18 degree incline the wedge design can hold any 11-15 inch laptop.  The incline also allows air to flow beneath which is great if your laptop runs hot.  The color is a very nice champagne rose gold with medium tan colored silicone mats to keep the laptop from slipping down.  Theres also an area to feed your laptop charger through to help with keeping your chord out of the way and preventing from it being pulled sideways.

GEOTEL Laptop Stand For Macbook Pro REVIEW

This is my first time using a laptop stand.  I thought it would actually be a little awkward at first typing with my computer at an incline.  However, that is not the case.  It took a couple of minutes to get used to but my wrists feel more relaxed.  The incline makes for better viewing and allows you to look head on which helps decrease neck tension.  I made sure that a hard bump to my desk that it wouldn’t cause my Macbook to slip off and it passed the test.  I had no issues with the computer coming over the silicone stopper at the bottom. My Macbook Pro has a tendency to run warm at times depending on the surface I had it on so it’s nice to have that added protection from overheating.

This is a great stand that serves it’s function. It doesn’t take up any extra space on my desk, it just adds a new perspective of viewing.  My only question is why didn’t I get one of these sooner?