Channel your inner spy with this chic pen with hidden USB drive.

One of my favorite genres of movies and television shows involves spies. Of those, James Bond is likely the most notable. I have really enjoyed the movies, specifically awaiting new tech devices provided by Q. Bond was given pens that were more than pens, watches that were more than watches, amazing cars, clothing items, etc. I have received a Genuine Picks pen that may even make James Bond jealous.

The product is shipped in 2 parts, resting inside of a metallic tin. This tin is really well made. The edges are rolled and the finish is brushed metal. This display is quite professional and well done. Along the top/middle of the tin is a clear plastic window, displaying the pen gloriously. The cover shows the logo “Genuine Picks” and shows 16GB in the bottom right. Turning the packaging over, you can see a white sticker with a UPC code. This box is quite well made and would serve well as a gift. It can also be repurposed to hold other items if you desire.

Genuine Picks USB Pen REVIEW

The lid pops off easily and the pen halves are nestled gently inside of black foam. The bottom/tip of the pen is 2 7/8″ long by 9/16″ wide diameter (at the fattest point). The tip of this pen, if turned counter clockwise (tip down), will expand the writing ball point. If turned clockwise, the pen tip will retract. The USB stick end measures 2 3/8″ (not including the USB 2.0 tip that sticks out 7/16″.

To form the full pen, simply insert the male USB end into the female pen tip end and screw the ends together in a clockwise manner. The parts should easily screw together making a 9″16″ wide pen by 5 5/16″ long (tip out). The pen is a bit fat for my liking but does taper to a nice point. Weighing at 0.8 ounces, it is a medium to heavy weight pen. The writing is smooth, the ink does not smear when rubbed. It functions well as a pen, the glide of the tip is clean and low resistant and the pen has a convenient shirt clip. The best part about this is, nobody knows that it is not just a pen.

Genuine Picks USB Pen REVIEW

The USB end is well made and slides into my computer USB A slot well. I was able to transfer data quickly from desktop to F drive. It was immediately identified by my computer as an external drive, and Windows 10 prompted me to either scan or not to scan. Personally, I always scan first with my antivirus software to prevent unwanted computer viruses. That is all I would need is a Trojan or other virus type infesting my desktop. I ran Kaspersky scan on this and downloaded McAffe and scanned it with that software (quickly deleted McAffe again). There were no issues, no viruses that were detected. I ran the Windows 10 scan as well and received no warning/alert. The device has 14 GB free space of a total of 16GB. This is perfect for personal files, pictures, etc or emergency saving if you forgot other USB devices. A pen like this is both a blessing and a curse. You may have it when you need it and save 14GB secretly or you may lose the device and potentially lose personal/valuable information. My jump drives tend to have password protected files if transferring documents. If there are saved family pictures, I personally do not care if someone gets to those. If you do not know how to save files with password protect, you may consider downloading programs like Rohos Mini Drive or USB Safeguard. These programs are downloaded to the USB drive and allow you to password protect a partition of 2GB (free version). This allows you to open/access data on any computer, whether or not you are the administrator or not. These are some really interesting programs, running from the USB device itself.

Genuine Picks USB Pen REVIEW

One of the difficult aspects of the pen is that it is so plain that it blends in. The pen is so finely made that it securely hides the secondary function. There is no logo, no design to betray the hidden compartment. I wish that the ink was refillable, but it is not. Be careful the pen is not borrowed or forgotten. As stated above, if your data is password protected, you should fear little about loss. However, back up your back up, if the data has any value to you.

The pen writes well and the quality of the black ink seems top notch. There was no smearing of the ink during my testing. The packaging is professional and displays the pen nicely. The USB drive is a reasonable size at 16 GB and has good transfer rates at common USB 2.0 speeds (Roughly 48 MBps is what I was able to get). This is just shy of the maximum 60 MBps that is possible with USB 2.0. It is true that there are devices with larger USB drives and those that use USB 3.0 (5x faster speed at about 640 MBps). Each of these perks would add price to the device, and likely are not necessary in this case. The device is a really neat way to hide a USB drive. Carrying this pen in my pocket really did make me feel like a character from James Bond. I would rate the USB pen at 5/5 stars. This would be a perfect gift for the tech lover in the family.