Multiple charging dock for tablets and phones

Charging docks are great for people who have multiple devices that need battery power and like to keep their work area organized.  The Fourza USB charging dock has four USB ports so I am able to charge my iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini Air 2, and iPad 2 at the same time and I have one port open that I have been plugging headphones into that need a boost.

Fourza USB Charger Station REVIEW

This dock fits up to 4 devices that have up to 15mm thickness which is nice if you have a wider sized tablet.  Included is 4 mini micro USB cables so if you’re an Android user you are set to go.  Each USB port has 2.4 amps per port and the overall dock has 48 Watt power output.  A great feature is the auto power cut-off to prevent overcharging your devices and potentially decreasing the function of your devices battery.  The dock is 190  inches long and 120 inches wide, so a little space is required, but using multiple stands would take up far more room.  The all black color and green stripe looks very nice and will coordinate with most decor.

Fourza USB Charger Station REVIEW

I am very pleased with this docking station because it holds all my devices without any issues.  The only thing I wish it has was mini lightning cables included.  I have some smaller lighting cables that I was using with this dock and they worked out nicely and charged fast, however, they are not as short as the micro USB cables that come along with this dock and don’t have the organized fashion.  All of the USB ports work great and charge fast, and all of the cables included worked as well.  I had no issues with this sliding on my desk because of the anti-slip silicone pad on the bottom.

Fourza USB Charger Station REVIEW

Overall this dock is great but like I said it was missing the short cables and had they would have been included this would be one of the best docks I’ve tried.  However, any device I have that uses micro USB charging I am more than taken care of in those respects.

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