Integration with Google Home increases accessibility and capability of Geeni’s affordable and feature-rich smart home line

Merkury Innovations, designers of personal electronics and accessories that combine technology, aesthetics, and value, today announced Google Assistant compatibility for its line of Geeni smart bulbs and smart plugs, building on its existing Amazon Alexa compatibility. Included is Geeni offering the first smart surge protector that works with Google Assistant to turn on or turn off each individual device plugged into the power strip.

Google Home customers can now natively control their Geeni lights and plugged in appliances by voice. With support for both direct and conversational actions, Geeni offers the control and ease of use of Google Home integration at a price point that fits every budget. Turn lights off and on, change color, set brightness, and control electronics plugged into Geeni smart plugs – all through voice commands using Google Assistant. Customers can control Geeni devices individually, or control them in groups by room.

The upcoming Geeni Surge offers the space saving and peace of mind of a traditional surge protector power strip, with a unique ability: each of the plugs acts as an individual smart switch, controllable from anywhere using the Geeni app or Google Assistant, a unique feature unseen in any other Google Home integrated smart plug. The Surge allows customers to expand a single wall outlet to fit 4 plugs and 4 charging USB ports. Plug in multiple electronic devices– coffee maker, humidifier, entertainment system, curling iron, toaster –and control each individually via Google Assistant without having to worry if an unexpected power surge will damage their pricey electronics.

“Geeni is focused on making smart home more accessible. Controlling your home by voice by simply saying “turn off living room” really feels magical, and integration with leaders like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa places Geeni products at the forefront of smart home innovation – making Geeni the easiest way to try smart plugs and bulbs to go along with your Google Home or Amazon Echo,” said Sol Hedaya, Category Manager at Merkury Innovations.

Geeni smart home products that work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control include the Lux Series, designed to replace the most popular traditional white household bulbs (MSRP: $24.99-$29.99); the Prisma Series LED bulbs with customizable white or color settings (MSRP $24.99-$34.99); Energi Series smart plug + energy meter to control and track energy use from anywhere (MSRP $24.99), and the forthcoming Surge smart surge protector series (MSRP $39.99, available for pre-order now and shipping before Father’s Day).

All Geeni products, including smart cameras, plugs, and bulbs, can be controlled via one unified Geeni app, for a convenient and seamless smart home experience, and the bulbs and plugs can be controlled by voice using the optional Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa integrations.  The cloud-based Geeni app combines the simplicity of an on/off switch with premium features such as grouping, smart scenes, and robust sharing features.  No complicated hubs or gateways are required to use Geeni. Each Geeni device connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network.

“Because the Geeni line works with your existing Wi-Fi network, you don’t need to invest in a ‘starter kit’ or special smart home hub.  Each Geeni product works on its own, right out of the box,” Hedaya said.

To learn more about Geeni smart home products, visit

Geeni products are available online at Best Buy, Home Depot, and directly from Geeni.


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