A simple, functional case for the iPad Air 2.

I feel like sometimes we all get swept up in the theory that “more is better.” Well, in the immortal words of one Miss Sabrina Fairchild, “More isn’t always better. Sometimes it’s just more.” This quote recently came to mind when I was taking a look at a simple iPad Air case. It doesn’t have any expensive bells and whistles. It doesn’t have an enclosed keyboard or special mount for your car. It is quite simply a case for the iPad.

Gebei Apple iPad Air 2 Case REVIEW

The Gebei Apple iPad Air 2 Case provides the right amount of protection with a classic look that allows you to carry it wherever you go. The case is made from 100% premium PU leather. It’s durable and has a lovely texture to it. It has a built-in kickstand and a single card slot for an ID or credit card. The cover does have the wake/sleep function and it works beautifully. The case wraps your iPad perfectly and all your buttons and ports are fully accessible.

I do prefer to keep my mobile devices in cases. That being said, I really like cases that are understated and not a ‘loud’ design. This case provides the right amount of protection while being very professional looking. Installation is very easy as you just snap your iPad into the interior bumper case. This is another design feature I really like because there is no complicated inner sleeve to slide your tablet into or velcro to fumble with.

Gebei Apple iPad Air 2 Case REVIEW

There are five different color choices – black, brown, navy, pink, or gold – for this case. I have the navy and it’s just enough color to be stylish, but not so much that it’s flashy. The Gebei Apple iPad Air 2 case is a classic style with fantastic functionality. At $20, it’s very affordable and worth the investment for the quality this case provides.