A creative way to store headphones. 

I have several different sets of headphones that I use frequently throughout the day, but in between conference calls I just lay them on my desk. I really wanted a safe place to store them. I didn’t want to throw them in a drawer or leave them out on my desk. So, I looked into different types of headphone hangers. I came across this option from Gator Frameworks and thought I would give them a try. 


The Clamp-on Desk Headphone Hanger is designed to provide users with a place to store headphones and other items without leaving them on your desktop. It reduces the risk of damage to headphones due to them being improperly stored and it keeps desk clutter to a minimum. The clamp can be attached to surfaces up to 1.5 inches in thickness and can work alternatively as a cable hanger. 


Min Height: 3″
Max Height: 4.5″
Min Width: 1.5″
Ext Width: 1.875″
Ext Height: 3″
Weight 0.2 lbs
Gator Frameworks Desk Clamp Headphone Hanger shown with Marshall Monitor II Headphones


The Headphone Hanger comes in a simple retail package. It’s got a cardboard backing and a plastic front. The package is completely transparent so you can see the product inside. There is no assembly required for this device and within just a few seconds you can be using it. The hanger tightens onto your desk (or other surfaces) with a thumbscrew knob. The bottom of the clamp has felt attached to it so that it won’t damage your desktop. The top of the clamp, however, is just smooth metal. I wish some sort of padding had been included here as I’m more concerned about the top of my desk than the bottom. The clamp tightens down easily but I did notice that on my desk, which is very smooth, the top will slide back and forth a little – even when the clamp is tightened down. 

Gator Frameworks Desk Clamp Headphone Hanger shown with Marshall Monitor II Headphones

The arm of the hanger – where the headphones hang – is a nice long extension. This is very helpful if you have multiple headphones you want to hang from the arm or if you want to store a cable with the headphones. For example, My AirPods Max headphones (not shown with hanger in photos) have a wider headband so I really like the longer extension and sometimes I have cables strewn around on my desk. So, having this arm on the desk has really helped keep the desk clutter to a minimum. 

Gator Frameworks Desk Clamp Headphone Hanger shown with Marshall Monitor II Headphones


The Headphone Hanger is a very sturdy, well-built accessory. I think it’s held up really well so far and I’m looking forward to using it for a variety of uses in the future. I think it will really help keep me organized. 

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