Get more into your iOS gaming with console-style buttons from GameVice.

With the new Nintendo Switch coming out in just a few days everyone seems to be hyped up to get their new systems. I, on the other hand, enjoy consoles but gaming has always been touch and goes with me. I don’t always find games that I really can enjoy. So picking up the Switch wasn’t something I was overly excited about.

The games I have found to love the most are Gears of War, GTA, Assassins Creed, PacMan, DigDug, Super Mario, Mortal Kombat and many other random games. The problem I’ve always had with iOS gaming is that I find myself losing interest. Tapping the screen works and it works well but there are times that you just want to feel the joysticks under your fingers and that’s where GAMEVICE comes in.

gamevice iOS Gaming Controller

GAMEVICE is a controller for the iPhone and when you look at it on the phone the first thing that I think of is the PlayStation Vita. With the controls being on each end of the iPhone you have the full screen and more control of your gaming experience. The controller features dual analog joysticks, ABXY buttons, a D-Pad, R1/2 and L1/2 bumpers and a menu button. You have complete control over your gaming with the GAMEVICE.

gamevice iOS Gaming Controller

You even had the option of plugging headphones into the device so that you can game with total concentration. This even works for the iPhone 7/7Plus users out there. Because the GAMEVICE connects through the Lightning port, you have complete audio pumped through the device, too. There is also a LED  power indicator on the controller. It charges via a Lighting port, which also supports pass-through charging of the iPhone when it’s connected. GAMEVICE is very lightweight — only weighing 127 grams — and it folds up neatly for transportation.

gamevice iOS Gaming Controller

I’ve found since using the GAMEVICE my scores on iOS games have gone up. At first, the buttons were hard to press and it felt like I really had to press down to get the button to accept the tap. After using it for a bit though the buttons have loosened up and now it’s like using any gaming system controller. I tested this out with both an iPhone 7 and a 7 Plus and while both phones fit, I discovered that if you keep a screen protector on your phone, it can make it more of a snug fit. In one case I had to remove the screen protecter for my iPhone 7 Plus to fit into the GAMEVICE.

gamevice iOS Gaming Controller

There is only one real issue with the GAMEVICE — it does not work with all games. There is a warning about this on the box, but my problem is that some of the games I play aren’t yet working with the GAMEVICE so it limits me. The good news is that GAMEVICE has an iOS app called Gamevice Live. The app has the list of hundreds of games that are compatible with the GAMEVICE. Using the app is a bit sluggish and the search feature is not the greatest but it does give me a way to view new games that I might not have given a chance before.

gamevice iOS Gaming Controller

Even though it’s built for current models of the iPhone with no chance to upgrading it for future models, I do think that if you are an enthusiast this device will up your game.

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