GameSir Mobile Gaming Controller makes a great companion for mobile gaming sessions.

Tonight I’m reviewing the GameSir mobile controller with analog sticks for your mobile devices with bonus features for PC.

At first, I found the controller’s feel to be a little cheap and plasticky. The harness that holds your phone seems like you might be able to easily break, but in my usage it was no problem. I recommend that if you are giving this to kids to be aware of this and expect it to break depending on the child. That said, at the price point it is more than adequate. I will note that once the phone in is place it does feel quite a bit more secure, and I never was afraid my phone was going to fall out, even when shaking the controller due to frustration.

GameSir Mobile Gaming Controller Review

The controller has 3 modes. Android, iOS, and PC mode. I was only able to test Android and PC mode, not having an iOS powered device. In Android mode it made playing games easy and very console like. I played Sonic 4 for an hour without any issue and it was a blast. On first use however, my device had trouble connecting to anything until I manually reset it with the reset switch located on the back. Once this was done, it connected effortlessly.

While playing you might notice that the controller becomes pretty top heavy depending on your phone model. This minor annoyance could become more of an issue with long gaming sessions or if you phone is especially heavy. Of course if you use this to connect to a propped up tablet, this won’t be an issue for you.

GameSir Mobile Gaming Controller Review

As a bonus, you can use the included USB dongle to connect to a PC. In this mode, the controller’s analog stick acts as a mouse with “A” acting as a left-click and “B” acting as the right-click. I could see using this with a home theater PC set-up to controller a computer from your couch, but I’m not sure about what games this will help you play on the PC though.

GameSir Mobile Gaming Controller ReviewAs for portability, I would have a hard time sticking this in a pocket due to its size and the protrusions. For charging it uses your standard everyday micro USB cable.

In summary if you love to play action games on your smartphone or tablet, this would make a great companion to give you a real console feel to your mobile gaming sessions. Its issues are really just minor annoyances that don’t get in the way of this being a useful device.

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