Enjoy screen, game and Micro SD card protection with the Game Traveler Protection Pack.

This Christmas, my two eldest children asked their Grandparents for a single gift, a new Nintendo Switch.  Many of their friends have commented about Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8, Kirby Star Allies, Super Mario Party Switch, the new NES online games, and so many other fun titles.  I personally had a switch, that they have played from time-to-time, and my boys wanted one of their own.  Due to family schedules, my parents and I celebrated our Christmas holiday with dinner, family time and presents a tad bit early.  Driving in from North Carolina for Thanksgiving, they surprised my children with some overdo grandparent time.  We were thankful and blessed to enjoy time with them and yes, my children were given an amazing new Nintendo Switch, with a few games.  They enjoyed the system and their games, at least until they changed games and misplaced Super Mario Odyssey.  After searching for and finding the little cartridge, we wanted a better way to store and transport the games.

The Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Protection Pack, an official Nintendo Licensed Product, arrived in a 4 inches wide by 6 7/8 inches tall by 13/16 inches wide retail box.  The inviting cover provided the Switch logo along the upper right of the box, the title/contents along the right border, a demonstration of the game holder along the bottom and the screen protector along the top left.  Showcased in the middle of the cover, I was able to directly visualize the two red game cases, the red Nintendo Switch microfiber towel and the two Micro SD card cases behind a clear window.  Akin to display windows in the mall, the company did a great job inspiring my inner window shopper.  I loved how the cover captured my eye and provided a verbal description of the contents, images of the contents and the ability to see them directly.  The green and purple side panels added a little flair to the white/red color.  Interestingly, the green and red color scheme were perfect for the Christmas holiday. The reverse panel further detailed the package contents: Nintendo Switch Screen Protector with Soft Card Applicator, a themed red Nintendo cleaning cloth, two game card cases, and two Micro SD card cases.  Each of the  Micro SD cases can hold two Micro SD cards, and each of the game cases can hold up to four Switch Cartridges.  Since the Micro SD cases were built to be the same size as the Nintendo Switch Cartridges, you can substitute one or more of them for games.  I only wish that the Micro SD card cases were coated with the same foul-tasting material as the Switch games.  Since they are the same size, I worry that children will place them into their mouths.

I opened the top of the box and slid the clear plastic tray upward.  I was pleased to find all of the listed contents were included.  If you have a Switch, you likely know how easy the games are to lose.  When I purchased this item for my children, I intended to add it to our PowerA Everywhere Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag.  We have enjoyed the bag because of the modular nature and the ability to store the entire Nintendo Switch.  It stored the base, cables, controllers, and had a removable Switch case for easy, on-the-go portable gaming.  Since the messenger bag lacked a dedicated game holder, the Game Traveler Protection Pack was the perfect addition.  The 2 3/4 inches wide by 2 1/8 inches tall by 1/4 inches thick game holders slid perfectly into the compartment with the small removable Switch Case.  I appreciated that the kit included two of each of the cases.  Despite being hard to open, the rigid plastic added a significant degree of protection to both SD cards and the game cartridges.  Each of the 7/8 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long by 1/8 inches thick Micro SD card holders fit perfectly into the larger game holder cases.  Overall we were pleased with the nesting design of the Traveler Protection Pack but wished the cases were easier to open.

The screen protector came packaged within a thin plastic bag.  Before applying the protector, I used the included 4 3/4 inches tall by 4 1/4 inches wide red cleaning cloth.  I liked the white Nintendo Switch logo, but it was too rough to use on the screen.  Thus, using the backside of the cloth, I wiped down the screen and set it on my counter.  I removed the film from the adhesive side of the screen protector and then lined up the double notches atop the Switch.  The instruction manual recommended starting from one of the sides, but then warned against overlapping the screen.  Starting from the top, it was easier to align the notches and to spread the protector from top to bottom.  I did not have any issues with the installation and used the soft card to remove the few small bubbles along the edges.  To remove the protector, you can use a piece of tape to lift the edge and remove the thin layer of plastic.  If you misalign the protector, you may be able to get an additional attempt.  However, this may also increase the dust/debris accumulation to the sticky inner surface.  The instruction sheet recommended trying a piece of tape to remove the dust.  I was happy that I did not have to work that hard to get the screen protector onto the surface of our new Nintendo Switch.

If you navigate to Amazon, you can currently get this product for under $5.  Seriously, I do not know how the company is going to make money on this deal when the Prime $4.97 cost includes free shipping.  Where else can you get two thin game cases, two thin micro-SD cases, a microfiber cloth and a screen protector for that price?  Many screen protectors sell for over $10 by themselves.  If you own a Switch, know someone who owns a Switch or you may are thinking about a Switch, pick up a few of these for stocking stuffers.