A decorative and useful stand that is built to last.

When it comes to the layout of my desk, the focal point is my MacBook Pro. I enjoy decorating and changing up my desk layout while focusing on ergonomics, creating a good work flow, and making it look nice. I spend a large portion of time at my desk on my MacBook Pro, so it’s important to me that I maintain good posture while looking at the screen. The Galen Leather Walnut Wood MacBook Pro stand adds a quality piece to my decor while being functional as well.

Galen Leather Walnut Wood MacBook Pro Stand REVIEW

First Impressions: When I first laid my eyes on the stand it was fit together to make a large rectangle that reminded me of a wooden puzzle. That being said, if I wanted to store this piece for whatever reason it wouldn’t take up much space. The dark walnut wood that it is made out of looks very stylish yet remains minimal with its semi-glossy finish. It may seem at first glance like a simple laptop stand. However, the design of both pieces allows you to hold your MacBook Pro and wireless keyboard. The keyboard being stored under the MacBook frees up space on the desk when not in use. Also, there are holes on both sides where the charger cable or other cables can be fed through helping once again with the organization.

Galen Leather Walnut Wood MacBook Pro Stand REVIEW

Testing It Out: I want to start off by pointing out how nice it looks when it is all set up and a permanent part of the desk. When using it I feel it is best the use the wireless keyboard set up with this because I have a slick desk can the stand moves a little with the pressure of my hands. If you have a very slick desk and would like to type straight on your MacBook with this stand I would recommend either a rubber mat or adhering a little rubber stopper to the bottom of both pieces. Using it with a wireless keyboard allowed me to have a little more freedom of resting my hands on the keys. The height of the stand is perfect and I felt I maintained better posture while looking at it. When not using a stand I end up arching my back a little because I’m looking more downward. My charging cable stayed out of the way and I was able to feed it down the back of the desk without it being conspicuous. Also, on neat thing about this stand is if you tilt it upright you can use it as a holder for you MacBook Pro to keep it on the desk but out of the way.

Galen Leather Walnut Wood MacBook Pro Stand REVIEW

Overall: This is a decorative and useful MacBook Pro stand that will also last a long time assuming you don’t decide to soak it in water. The walnut wood quality has a more classic feel than the metal ones I’ve become accustomed to. I think anyone would find this useful and enjoy the decorative appeal that has as well.

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