Quality leather sleeve provides class and protection.

I’ve always enjoyed the handmade leather goods. There is something so classy about the look and feel of leather that you are just naturally drawn to it. There are a lot of products out there that claim to be leather but don’t really give you the experience that real leather does. Real leather shows character and flaws and in essence, it becomes personalized to the individual that owns it. So, when I found the MacBook Sleeve from Galen Leather, I had to check it out.

Galen Leather MacBook Sleeve REVIEW

Galen Leather specializing in creating one-of-a-kind leather goods for customers. They started out with notebook covers and then progressed into other accessories including wallets, passport covers, leather mouse pads, and computer sleeves. When I first found the company I was in awe of the beauty of the products. If you like leather goods, I would recommend browsing through their inventory because they have a lot of remarkable products in addition to the MacBook Sleeve I am reviewing here. I do wish that their website included a bit more description and was a bit more clear with the copy that is included, but the photographs really do most of the talking.

Galen Leather MacBook Sleeve REVIEW

The MacBook Sleeve is 100% handmade in Turkey where Galen Leather is located. They source their leather locally. It is vegetable oak tanned cow leather and every piece absorbs dye differently. The edges are hand burnished and all the stitching is also done by hand. Galen Leather has sleeves available for the following models: MacBook 12″, MacBook Air 11″, MacBook Air 13″, MacBook Pro Retina 13″ & 15″, MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ & 15″. Even though they are specially made for the MacBooks, you can also fit an iPad Pro in this sleeve. In fact, when I was trying out the sleeve, I slid my 12-inch iPad Pro in the back pocket of the sleeve and then my 13-in Retina MBP into the main compartment. It was a tight fit, but both devices were stored there successfully.

Galen Leather MacBook Sleeve REVIEW

The sleeve itself is very simple in design. There is a main compartment, which is meant for your laptop (or large tablet). It’s closed by a flap that is held in place by a leather strap. That’s the basic sleeve. You do have the option to add on a back pocket and handle, which I did. The backside pocket could be used for a tablet (without case) or other small accessories. There is also a handle on the back, but I haven’t really determined what its purpose is. I wouldn’t want to hold it by that handle since the computer could slide out, but it’s still a nice design touch. You can get the sleeve personalized with your initials if you choose and Galen Leather actually has a reasonable price for that ($5).

Galen Leather MacBook Sleeve REVIEW

So far, I’ve been very happy with the way the sleeve has held up. In my opinion, this sleeve is 75% about style and 25% about protection. It doesn’t offer much in the way of drop protection, but it does ward off nasty scratches and scrapes. My advice would be to carry this inside another bag for extensive travel.

The MacBook Sleeve from Galen Leather is an executive level accessory. It’s got personality and class. You won’t be disappointed with this gorgeous, handmade product.

For more information, visit galenleather.com/collections/macbook-sleeves
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